winning is fun

Winning is fun

Win 10 ranked matches

This could be the hardest trophy to get if you’re not a good player, you need to win just 10 times in ranked matches, thankfully they don’t need to be in a row. Many players are really experienced and the more time the game is online the more difficult this turns, because everybody will have more experience day by day and your chances to meet average/worst players than you decrease every day.

Unluckily, trying to boost this trophy is nearly impossible because there is no kind of matching filter you can use to your favor, doing the match totally random.

Many characters are really good to use and their combos aren’t that hard to learn, but, like many things, you need to train your skills.

So that’s the best advice to give, train yourself with a couple of fighters you feel more comfortable with and stick with them all the time. Try to master the combos and learn how to break combos on you. Some players can hit you 30-40 times before you can even touch the ground but you can avoid this if you know how to break those air combos, the tutorials explain it very well, and your main objective is to use it in-game to avoid being shattered in a matter of seconds.

Sooner or later you will have your 10 wins and your trophy popping in the screen.

Update: Acording with KubaLenart you need to play in a new game mode called Ranked Sets. Read this .

Winning Is Fun is a Bronze trophy in Injustice 2. It can be received for: Win 10 ranked matches ]]>