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Bike Shop Of The Day: Win’s Wheels In Westlake Village, CA

Win Allen

Win’s Wheels owner, Win Allen, is a master mechanic who has over 24 years of bicycle industry experience – both in the shop and on the race circuit. Win’s Wheels is a specialty business, a professional Bicycle Service Center with a singular focus, expert service on any kind of Road, Mountain, Cyclocross and Tri bike. Simply put, Win Allen doesn’t sell bikes, he repairs them, expertly.

Why did You open a Bicycle Service Center?

Because there is a tremendous need in our area for high-quality bicycle service with fast turnaround times. I live and work in one of the most popular bicycling communities in the state, if not in the country. Over the years, as the cost of nearly every category of bikes has risen, the standard for bicycle service has not really evolved. I believe my Bicycle Service Center is a logical next step in the evolution of the bicycle industry and perfect for our community.

What Makes Your Shop Special?

My focus is not to sell you a bike, but to provide you with a range of services that will protect your investment in your bike. That singular focus is special, and unique within our industry. I’m only interested in providing my customers with the highest quality service, and to try to get their bike back to them with the least amount of downtime. Whether its a cruiser, a kid’s bike or a high-end road or mountain bike, you need it to be functioning properly to fully enjoy it. We understand this better than most. I will always available to talk to you before, during and after the work has been completed. I’m here to answer your questions or to go over with you the work that was performed. Your satisfaction is always my goal.

“My kids can be hard on their bikes, and as a mom, safety is a big issue for me. I need a shop that will give me confidence that all repairs, no matter how small (or how small the bike is) will still be done expertly. I’ve seen the way Win handles his smallest customers and their bikes, and that gives me all the confidence that I’m at the right bike shop.”-
Yvonne Jena / Westlake Village


We do any kind of service on any brand of Road, Mountain, Cyclocross and Tri Bikes

Tune-Ups with Drivetrain Cleaning
Complete Overhauls
Front & Rear Suspension Overhauls
Disc Brake Service
Wheel Building
Gluing of Tubulars


30941 W. Agoura Rd. Suite 302
Westlake Village, CA 91361
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Win Allen has 24+ years of wheel building and bike service experience.

Win wheels

Winning Wheels is one of the few care centers in the nation to combine the treatment regime typically associated with a rehabilitation hospital and the daily nursing care provided by a skilled nursing facility.

Winning Wheels is located on a picturesque 12 wooded acres in rural Northwestern Illinois. This quaint small town has proven to be the ideal location for our unique treatment approach.

Winning Wheels gives you a wealth of options aimed at a common goal: restoring persons served to their maximum level of physical, social and emotional functioning.

Winning Wheels strives to decrease dependency on institutional care through the provision of rehabilitation services, which foster the development of skills designed to train and assist the individual to live as independently as possible. The Winning Wheels continuum of care is made up of highly trained professionals from a variety of clinical disciplines. Each specialist contributes a detailed evaluation that serves as a building block in the development of a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan.

The Winning Wheels philosophy is based on the concept that rehabilitation should be both outcome-oriented and measurable. Skilled professionals formulate a total treatment regime based on diagnostic information from a variety of clinical evaluations. A comprehensive range of services, including therapies, address the medical, physical, emotional and social needs of each person served. This holistic approach ensures the best possible outcomes.

Specialists from a variety of disciplines (including Physical, Occupational, Speech, and Recreational Therapies, Social Services and Dietary) conduct assessments of each person’s needs, abilities, resources and residual deficits. Under the direction of a physician specialist, the Interdisciplinary Treatment Team plans and implements an individualized rehabilitation program for each person served. The treatment team continuously reviews each person’s condition and progress reports, and modifies the treatment plan accordingly. We consider each team member a vital link in the overall rehabilitation process.

All of Winning Wheels’ resources are concentrated on eliminating barriers to independent living. Experience has proven that ours is a realistic, attainable goal. Communication, consistency and quality care are the hallmarks of Winning Wheels, Inc. As an innovator in the field of rehabilitation, Winning Wheels offers customized programs that satisfy each person’s rehabilitation needs.

Winning Wheels is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer

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Win wheels Winning Wheels is one of the few care centers in the nation to combine the treatment regime typically associated with a rehabilitation hospital and the daily nursing care provided by a ]]>