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Making your payments digitally? You may soon win Rs 1 crore in cash prize

By: Yogima Seth Sharma

NEW DELHI: In yet another move to incentivise consumers and merchants to go for digital payments, the government on Thursday launched two schemes that would give cash prizes to consumers and merchants who use digital modes of payments.

The two scheme, Lucky Grahak Yojana and the Digi-Dhan Vyapari Yojana , will be launched on December 25 and will be run by the National Payment Corporation of India for 100 days.

Announcing the scheme, NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant said the two schemes will cost the government Rs 340 crore.

Under the lucky grahak yojana scheme, 15000 winners will be awarded daily for 100 days, starting from December 25, with Rs 1000 each. The scheme will also see a weekly draw for seven winners with a maximum award of Rs 100000.

Amitabh Kant said that 7000 weekly awards will be given to merchants under Digi Dhan Vyapari Yojna and maximum award will be of Rs 50,000 each.

Besides, there will be a Mega award on April 14, 2017 with cash prize of 1 crore, 50 lakh and 25 lakh for consumers for all transactions between November 8 and April 13. For merchants the prize money under the mega draw stands at Rs 50 lakh, Rs 25 lakh and Rs 5 lakh.

Digital transactions ranging from Rs 50 up to Rs 3000 will be eligible for the award and would cover all consumer to merchant, government to merchant and all Aadhaar enabled transactions.

Kant also said that all government departments are now moving towards digital payments.

Lucky Grahak Yojana and the Digi-Dhan Vyapari Yojana will be launched on Dec 25 and will be run by the NPCI for 100 days. It’ll cost the govt Rs 340 cr.


Vijay kaarthigeyan
Mar 17 · 14 min read

M aking 1 Crore sounds like a lot of money if you’ve never earned high figures before. You’ve all dreamed of becoming successful, of being so rich. Well… it’s all about positioning and how valuable you are to the marketplace. If the marketplace thinks you deserve 1 crore or more, it will, in turn, give you that amount.

I Joined Digital Marketing Internship. My mentor gave us Goal to Make 1 Crore in 3 years but he didn’t tell us the process. So I researched and figured out some methods which made more than 1 Crore for market leaders. In this article, I will share key learning takeaways of my research and internship class. This article will help you to Find golden opportunities from the ever-expanding market. Who knows, maybe one of them will spark an idea which will be the beginning of a long journey for you!

Write down your Goals:

The more work you put in, the quicker you’ll see the result!

Before starting anything your goal should always be clear like why are you doing this? What is your aim? What do you want to achieve? When you set a goal, it should invoice urgency within you. When you’re reminded of the goal it should motivate your lazy self to turn off mobile and get back to work. And not any kind of goals, but SMART goals. SMART stands for: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. If a goal doesn’t have all 5 criteria, it’s not a smart goal.

When you see super-successful people keep climbing year after year, success after success. They set goals and plan their year according to previous performance and realistic growth potential. Then they break their goals apart and create systems that allow them to maximize their chances of achieving their goals. The secret juice is in how to break them apart, how to create supporting goals for the big ones and how making a few small changes to your daily schedule can lead to big results.

How many customers do you need to make 1 crore?

Do the math for your number!

If you’re product/service worth value of

10 lakh = 10 customers

1 lakh = 100 customers

10,000 = 1000 customers

5000 = 2000 customers

1000 = 10,000 customers

500 = 20,000 customers

Making 1 crore is easy if you can convince people to pay you. To achieve this Goal in reality it takes 3–5 years. To make 1 crore you want to earn 3 lakh per month on average for 3 years. O Ohhh! This is the average annual salary of an Indian. I’m hearing your lots of questions, read this post completely to know the answer.

Who do you want to serve?

The answer to that question is typically people who were just like you before you became an expert, right?

What can I do to make money? Most people don’t make money because they want to make money. Most people make money because they’re solving a problem. So instead, what I would recommend to you is figure out what you’re passionate about. What problems are you facing in that sector you’re passionate about, and other people facing in it. Go and solve those problems. If you do that, and you put a business around it, eventually you’ll do well.

People trust people they know! Nobody is gonna buy anything from you if they don’t know who you are! Your crush will not date you if she doesn’t know you exist! Your company will not promote you if you don’t stand out from the crowd. The more people know who you are, what you do and what you stand for, the more they trust you. The more they trust you the more options you have. It’s usually a combination of opportunity, skill, right guidance, timing and sometimes luck.

13 Ways to make 1 Crore:

You have something special inside you. Something you know. Something you do. Something you can teach. You are already an expert. We all have this something special inside of us and, if we use it right, we can change the world — and become rich in the process.

Information is a powerful tool. It can be used to attract interest, increase desire, demand attention, and sell. But information alone isn’t enough. It’s the skillful application of the right information at the right time that can change your life.

The easiest way to make 1 crore is to Sell information products. The steps to becoming a Crorepati is to be a market leader in a Micro Niche and building a following of people who will pay you for your information. You can literally start from zero and by the end, you will have your own profitable business.

The first type of business is selling information products. It involves you taking the life lessons that you’ve learned, and packaging them into information products, coaching, and consulting. Being an expert and selling information products are (in my opinion) the greatest start-up in the world. You don’t need venture or start-up capital, just a passion for what you’re teaching, as well as learning how to tell stories in a way that will get others excited about it as well.

The second type of business is to start or convert an existing business into a Subscription/membership business model where Customer pays a recurring price at regular intervals for access to a product or service. This business model is designed to keep customers consistently engaged in long term relationships.

Note: I am fully aware it’s easy to write but a lot difficult to implement in reality.

An idea is worth 1 Crore, only after it made 1 crore!

Here are a few ideas which made more than 1 crore.

1. Start a blog and build your audience

2. Affiliate marketing

3. Sell a Course and leverage it by Live training, workshop, mastermind and personal mentorship

4. Write several Books

6. Software as a service

7. Build an App which helps 10 lakh people

8. Freelance Expert

9. Invest in the stock market for long-term

10. Purchase a franchise and make it really successful

11. Create a subscription service

12. Go viral in social media like YouTube, Instagram

13. Buy Flip Repeat

Is it really possible to do this? What will be my investment? How can I do this? Have you made 1 crore to write this post? Absolutely not, I didn’t make a crore but I’m writing this to share my learnings with you. My goal is to make 1 Crore in the next 3 years. Yes, it is possible to make 1 crore only if you are committed, consistent, investing time & energy with small capital by building a brand & positioning in the market.

Here is the process you looking for

1. Evaluate yourself.

2. Choose micro-niche.

3. Do the complete market analysis, Find the target audience, Find the needs and offer an unavoidable irresistible offer.

4. Prepare a unique business plan with executable marketing, branding, revenue, market acquisition,loss-leading, and growth strategy.

5. Don’t copy other businesses, create a monopoly with an entry barrier. Innovate a new customer’s money-making model. When your customers make more money you make money.

6. Your online presence will help you engage with your customers with the windfall gain of new customers.

7. Use prototyping to fail intelligently.

8. Start small and grow on your own with Bootstrapping. Test, Refine, Don’t give up.

9.Scale with Recurring income model.

10. Overcome barriers and turn your plans into action to achieve your career goals.

Are you getting this?

The Ever-expanding market:

The market needs always expand because solutions to needs give rise to new needs. An infinite number of niches available. Once you have a solution to a problem new and new solutions will arise to new needs. The amount of solutions needed in the market keeps expanding.

Understanding the economy helps you to understand the market. The economy of a country goes up when people spend more. The economy goes down when the average age goes up above 50, household spending goes down. Debts create money. The deflation of the money supply happens when people start repaying debt. Don’t worry about the recession. People will always pay money for value. During recession strong companies survive, weak companies fail.


Consumer behavior is changing. So, I feel there is going to be a huge market out there as we evolve as an economy and every person has an opportunity to set up a small business that is giving a solution to a particular kind of need. The wealth of the entire world is ever-expanding as you have more and more solutions that exist more and more opportunities. The idea is you need to focus on a small niche and I will help you to discover your niche.

You always have to be a market leader in order whatever you are doing. Opportunity is so wide you can be a leader in it. There is no clear market leader out there. People are going to remember №1 in the market. People don’t remember №2. You need to select your niche. No matter what niche you take. You need to become a category leader in one niche and go ahead and dominate that niche.

Is this making sense?

Finding Gold:

Sometimes it can be hard to identify exactly who those people are. If you look closely, you’ll find that almost all expert businesses are based on one of three core markets: health, wealth, or relationships. So, my first question for you is which of those three matches your area of expertise right now?

Ok, now that you’ve identified which core market you fit into, we need to dig at least two levels deep to find your specific audience. Let me show you what I mean.

Inside these three core markets are multiple submarkets. For example, inside health, you could have dozens of submarkets like diet, nutrition, strength training, and weight loss. Inside the wealth market, you may have finance, investing, real estate, and sales. And the same goes for the relationships market. You could have love, dating advice, marriage, and parenting. The list is practically endless in any of the three core markets. There are always new submarkets popping up.

My next question for you is what submarket does your area of expertise fit right now? Some of you may think that you’ve found your answer. You’re a real estate expert, or a dating or weight loss coach. But the money is NOT in the submarket. The riches are in the niches. And those are one step beyond the submarket. Try to go narrow.

As you can see, you need to be a little creative to carve out your own niche, but it’s the key to success, as you’ll discover in What you have to offer must be different from everyone else in your market. As you start looking around at the other experts in your submarket, you’re going to find out who your competitors are, what they teach, and how they do so. Then you will start to see where YOU fit into this ecosystem. You want to create a message that will complement the other players in your market, NOT compete with them. If you do this correctly, all your big “competitors” will almost instantly become your best partners.

Niche = Passion + talent + Market opportunity

Get 1000 customers who will pay you 10,000 rupees = Total earning potential 1 crore INR.

Tip: Still if you find it hard to find the niche? Here is a shortcut.

Go to amazon and search your niche in the category page.

Can you see yourself finding your niche?

Sales solve all your problem:

All is well when you sell, sell and sell…

Everything you do in life is a form of selling. From the minute you’re born when you’re crying in order to get milk to the moment you die. Life is about interacting with others and selling is just convincing someone of the merits of an exchange.

If you learn how to do that you have a shot at winning at life because you’re going to have to sell a lot of people on a lot of things in your journey. You’ll have to convince your partner to be with you, you’ll have to convince your friends to trust you and if you want to be rich, you’ll have to prove that whatever it is you are offering is worth exchanging for money.

This is the basic folks. If you’re unable to understand the fundamentals of transactions, you’re going to have a hell of a hard time trying to get rich.

People will trade their money for things that they find more valuable than the money they just spent!

Many people confuse selling with marketing and although they happen to be in the same area there are fundamental differences between the two.

SELLING has to deal with the needs of the SELLER while

MARKETING if focused on the NEEDS of the BUYER!

You sell something because the company needs to make a profit, you market something as a solution to a problem. These two are tracked differently as well. You track sales by profits and marketing by the customer’s satisfaction.

Digital marketing = Technology + marketing

Marketing is the art of communicating to vast amounts of people, in a simple and easy way to understand, what your product or service is and how it can make their lives better. Being a master marketer alone could be enough to make you 1 Crore.

Key Basic skill:

Key basic skill for any business is communication because if you have a product or service you wish to sell and you’re specializing in a specific niche you need to communicate what is the benefit of buying your product or service. Right?

If you improve your marketing communication and sales skills, you can communicate to other people what you think and whatever you want to achieve in life is going to be rooted in communication. An easy way to master communication is to read books, listen to podcasts, write, watch English movies and stand up comedies.

You found a beautiful niche and followed the process to earn but at the end of the day, you are not able to earn after a certain limit. What will be the problem? So when I dug deep into it and found out some concepts like branding, consumer behavior, positive cashflow, marketing comes inside. To do digital marketing effectively marketing communication is necessary. I understand marketing is the basics for digital marketing.

How to find market demand?

1. Spy your competitors

2. Talk to customers

3. Take a survey

4. See google trends

5. Read a lot of reviews and feedbacks of your niche

6. Use google auto suggest and check what users are searching

7. Use

Build your Personal brand:

You are your own brand. Digital Branding is fast and cost effective. Publish content in different forms, with more content you will “ own more of the internet”. People want to hear people not brands. Don’t hesitate to put your content out there. Show your character and personality. Build your fame, style within your community. Write, publish videos, Do public speaking. You can get a job, close a client or build your own consulting/training business.

Isn’t it cool to be known by other people?

You don’t need money to start a business! You are the business in the beginning. This is one of those things that stop people from starting out. They all think you need a ton of money to get started. Something most people don’t realize when starting a business, it’s the amount of work and sacrifices which are needed to turn this into a success.

It doesn’t take long to realize that instead of working 8 hours per day, you’re now working 16-hour days, every day, including the weekends. Yes, creating a successful company leads to a way better life than you could have otherwise experienced, but those rewards don’t come for free.

Many people undervalue the time! Time is a resource we’ve all been dealt with equally. It’s up to you to use them wisely. You need a game plan, without it, you’re just going to be shooting in the dark. Businesses where the founder knows what the end game is, not only have a better shot of success but evolve quicker. It will take you less time to get to wherever it is you are going because you know what to measure for and focus all your energy on checking off those boxes.

You need to discipline your mind and your actions. Always remember that if this project of yours succeeds, the rest of your life will be amazing. Work every single day. The more work you put in, the quicker you’ll see the result! You will never find anyone to work as hard as you do for your business! We all have our strengths and our weaknesses. Outsource repetitive tasks to others. Nobody cares about what you are planning to do, until you do it.

The world doesn’t care about what you plan on doing, the world doesn’t run on wishful thinking, no matter how many times you read. The Secret, it works on people getting things done. Fail fast and adapt quickly. Be ready for things to not go according to plan. You are a novice at this, so you need to keep in mind that there are many things you have yet to learn. A business without an end game is headed nowhere. Long term success depends on your ability to manage your resources.

To the people who read my post, I would share a free Gift “ Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

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So, good advice: don’t do like 95% of the population….

Making 1 Crore sounds like a lot of money if you’ve never earned high figures before. You’ve all dreamed of becoming successful, of being so rich. 13 ways to make 1 crore. ]]>