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So as a newly admitted transfer student, who is probably going to have to commute to USC since USC housing is full, I wasn’t aware that there USC has a lottery for parking passes.
Neither did I know that registration ends June 30th. So, I am a bit concerned now.
The website says that left over spaces go on sale July 22nd. However, that further concerns me since parking at USC is most likely difficult to find, I assume that there won’t be many left over spots.

Has anyone else been in this situation? Current commuting students, are the daily parking structures like PSX usually full?

Any advice is helpful.

Thank You Very Much!

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You know what they say about assuming.

USC doesn’t run out of parking because of the very large Parking Center east of campus. Parking Structure 2 next to the Galen Center is also unlikely to fill up. You will get one of those spots easily. However, you have likely missed out on all the on-campus lots like PSA and PSX. I was in the same situation before my sophomore year when I got a car. I ended up in PS2 which was slightly annoying but survivable.

It won’t be for the whole year–there is a new lottery every semester. Just don’t miss the next one.

Hello, So as a newly admitted transfer student, who is probably going to have to commute to USC since USC housing is full, I wasn’t aware that there USC has a lottery for parking passes.

COVID-19 Operational Updates

Please note the following updates from USC Transportation as we respond to the COVID-19 situation:

NEW! Update regarding UPC Watt Way Entrance Re-opening (posted September 11):

Effective Monday, September 14 th the Watt Way entrance will be OPEN 6:00am-2:00pm, Monday through Friday. This change is due to increased demand at UPC, and to better facilitate access to the southwest section of campus

Please note the following:

1) All vehicles entering Watt Way will be subject to Trojan Check. Please be prepared to show your daily attestation at the entrance kiosk.

2) Random vehicles may be identified for mandatory occupant temperature checks. Please be prepared to pull forward to the tent on Watt Way if directed to do so by the Guest Services Ambassador. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

3) The Watt Way Entrance will not be available after 2:00pm on weekdays, nor all day on weekends/holidays, including the automatic exit gate. Please plan to use the McClintock Entrance onto Jefferson Blvd to access/depart campus.

Update regarding the Lyft Safe Rides Program (posted August 20):

Lyft (and Uber) were granted a reprieve today in their ongoing court battle regarding the classification of drivers; you can read all about it by clicking here. We’re happy to share this news, and look forward to continuing to partner with Lyft to offer the USC Safe Rides Program.

Update Regarding Fall 2020 Semester parking (posted August 17):

On August 8, Provost Charles Zukoski and Senior Vice President David Wright announced that the Fall 2020 semester would begin fully online (see memo here). In response to that announcement, USC Transportation is announcing the following updates for Fall semester:

  • Effective immediately, parking will remain free for all USC Faculty, Staff and Students through December 31, 2020, subject to the following conditions:
    1. Permits ARE still required. If you previously purchased a permit online and have it in your possession, please put it on your vehicle and display it at all times while parked at USC. If you do not yet have a permit, but need one, please log into (or create) your Transportation account here, and order one. Again, you will not be charged for the Fall semester, but you need to display a permit so we know you are a USC constituent and your vehicle will not be cited. All new permits purchased online now may be printed from home so they can be used immediately; when ordering online, please use a future date (e.g., tomorrow) for the effective date, and 12/31/2020 as the expiration date.
    2. Parking is ONLY free in normal, unreserved spaces in the campus parking structures, OR the location specified by your existing permit type. (For example, if you have a Troy Hall permit, you may park in Troy Hall OR any normal, unreserved space in a campus structure.) Citations will still be issued if you park in any red zone, ADA space, pay-by-plate location, EV space, or other reserved area without the appropriate permit for that particular space.
  • Parking for campus guests, vendors, contractors, department reservations and any other non-USC permit holders will be the normal rate of $14/day. All campus parking zone restrictions still apply.
  • On August 7, Senior Vice President David Wright and Chief Health Officer Dr. Sarah Van Orman announced the health requirements regarding access to campus (see memo here). Everyone who comes to campus, including faculty, staff, students, guests, contractors, etc., will be required to show proof of their daily health attestation at various vehicle or pedestrian Trojan Checkpoints. The fastest and easiest way to do this is using the Trojan Check app. Anyone who cannot show proof will be asked to pull over/step aside and complete a health attestation before entering campus.

If you have any questions, please first refer to our Fall 2020 FAQs. If you still have questions, please let us know via email at [email protected] Thank you.

Update regarding Fall semester parking (posted July 31):

USC Transportation parking permit charges will not be reinstated August 1 st as previously indicated. Free parking at University Park Campus and Health Sciences Campus for faculty, staff and students will continue until further notice is given on this webpage.

An announcement regarding a new permit reinstatement date/process will be made within the next few weeks. Faculty and staff will be asked to complete an online form indicating if they want their permit reinstated, or if they would like it to continue to be suspended. Thank you for your patience as we work to finalize this process.

Update regarding Fall semester parking (posted July 13):

As the COVID situation continues to evolve rapidly, the University response is necessarily changing as well. The anticipated announcement today regarding Fall semester parking has not yet been finalized – please continue to monitor this webpage for USC Transportation updates, which will be published as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Update regarding July/Fall semester (posted June 22):

In recognition of the hardships COVID-19 has created and to assist essential staff working on campus, USC Transportation is extending free campus parking through July 31, 2020. We expect this to be the last extension, since the University plans to resume modified operations in August, as announced by President Folt on June 2 nd .

Given the earlier start date, Fall student parking permits will be effective August 1-November 30. This accommodates the staggered USC Housing move-in schedule and the anticipated move-out period after Thanksgiving. The cost for a full-semester permit will remain the same as last year. Summer 2020 permits are not required since parking is free through July. Fall parking permits should be purchased for use starting August 1. Students with special requests should contact our office at [email protected].

Faculty and staff monthly permit charges will renew effective August 1. Please monitor this page for a process announcement in early July.

Update for June:- RECENTLY UPDATED

In recognition of the continuing efforts of all essential personnel, and to provide additional support to everyone working and studying remotely but who may have need to visit campus occasionally, campus parking will remain free of charge through July 31, 2020. As a result, summer permits will not be required this year; Fall permits will be effective August 1, and parking is free until then. Please continue to monitor this webpage for parking updates.

Update for May 4:

  • Nearly all student refunds for Spring have been processed; if you do not yet see a refund in your fee bill (student account), please email us at [email protected]
  • USC will be administering at least the first two summer academic sessions online; essential employees working over the summer will need to purchase a permit online effective starting June 1, 2020.
  • Fall student permits for low-demand areas can now be purchased directly online. For high-demand areas (McCarthy Structure and some Housing lots at UPC, and all locations at HSC), a permit lottery is still required to establish a purchase priority order. See our “How to Purchase a Parking Permit” page here for complete details.

Update for April 8:

In recognition of the efforts of all essential personnel, and to provide additional support to everyone working and studying remotely, ALL USC faculty, staff, and student permits for Spring 2020 will be free through May 31, 2020, with prorated refunds for all extending back to March 16. Please read USC Transportation Director Tony Mazza’s memo by clicking here..

Updates for March 27:

    Effective Monday, March 30, two bus routes are being temporarily cancelled due to low ridership since the university closed operations: the “C” route at UPC, and the Soto Shuttle route at HSC.The Intercampus Shuttle (ICS) servicing Union Station will continue operations between campuses – the current schedule can be found on our updated schedule page, here. As an additional reminder, Lyft services for students and employees are also available at both campuses, now with a new starting time of 7:00am (at UPC, from 7:00am-2:00am seven days/week; at HSC 7:00am-midnight, M-F). If you have not received a Lyft invite with a personalized link, please email Michelle Garcia at [email protected]

    Additionally, the USC Shrine Structure booth and the McCarthy Way Entrance at UPC are also closing on Monday, March 30.
    • USC Shrine Structure: All USC employees/students who need to access the USC Shrine Structure can do so using their USCard from the Jefferson Blvd. entrance. The 32nd Street Entrance to the USC Shrine Structure will not be available. USC Village employees have been instructed to temporarily park on-site in the Village garage until further notice.
    • McCarthy Way Entrance: With McCarthy closing, all essential staff must enter campus using the McClintock Entrance off Jefferson Blvd. This entrance will be staffed by Transportation employees from 6:00am-8:00pm, and by DPS outside of those hours. Employees should be parking in either the Downey Way or Royal Street Structures (using ANY USC permit), both of which are available through the McClintock entrance.

    • Transit Codes Update: With the McCarthy Entrance closing, transit program participants will not have access to the McCarthy structure to use their coupon code to park. Please use the Figueroa Structure as an alternate; the UPC coupon code sent via email will work there as well. The pay station is located next to the EV charging station on the first-floor east ramp going up. Furthermore, all coupon codes for transit users at both campuses have been extended until further notice.

We appreciate your patience and support during this evolving situation; please continue to monitor this webpage for future updates.

Updates for March 26:

  • Parking payroll deductions for March were submitted to USC Payroll Services before the university closed and most staff started working remotely. As a result, you will see a full deduction from your March paycheck for your parking permit even if you have already submitted a suspension/cancellation request. This was an unavoidable circumstance of timing. We are in the process of issuing refunds for all cancellation/suspension requests we have received in as timely a manner as possible. Thank you for your patience.

  • Employees working from home who are not using their parking pass should submit a parking permit suspension request via our online Qualtrics form. Some important reminders:
    • Please complete the form only once – if you’ve already submitted it, please do not do so again. If you previously mailed your permit back, we do ask that you go online and complete the form as well.
    • Employees who complete the Qualtrics form before midnight on Friday, April 10 will receive a prorated refund back to March 16, regardless of when you completed the form or mailed back your permit.
    • Employees who complete the Qualtrics form starting at 12:01 Saturday morning or later will only receive prorated refunds as of the date they submit the form.
    • Once the University reopens for normal business, we will publish a second Qualtrics form to reinstate permits. Employees who mailed them back to us will have to either come in to our office to retrieve them, or arrange to have them mailed back. We will provide a grace period on parking enforcement in order to ensure everyone is in possession of a permit. Please monitor this page for our latest news and updates. Thank you.

Update for March 23:

Please see the attached for a visual representation of our current staffing/entrance hours: UPC ENTRANCE HOURS DURING COVID v4

Update for March 20:

  • Due to Gov. Newsom’s executive order on Thursday night, students, faculty and staff who wish to suspend their parking permit should go online and complete this one-minute Qualtrics form. You DO NOT need to mail the permit back or email us, unless you have questions.

  • Our USC Bus system is operating ICS only today, however Lyft operating hours have been extended. Please contact Michelle Garcia via email at [email protected] to receive an invitation for the UPC or HSC Lyft program.

  • Metrolink has announced prorated refunds for their monthly pass services; we have received confirmation that a similar process will happen for the our Corporate Partners Program, but the details have yet to be finalized. Please continue to monitor this webpage for future updates.

Update for March 18:

  • The University is in the process of developing a holistic response regarding requests for refunds for various services, including USC Transportation. Please continue to monitor this webpage for future updates.

  • REMINDER FOR TRANSIT USERS: We have established temporary coupon codes that you can use to park in specific locations at both UPC and HSC free of charge if you do not want to use public transportation during this COVID situation. Transit program participants have been sent direct email with instructions; if you need them resent to you, please email us at [email protected]

Update for March 17:

Lyft is now available at HSC and UPC and will cover classic rides! Campus Cruiser closed on March 16; while that service is unavailable, Lyft will be providing all Safe Ride Program services. Lyft is suspending their Shared ride programs but will now provide “Classic” rides for free. This service is now open to faculty and staff as well. Lyft at UPC is open from 5:00pm-2:00am, seven days a week. Lyft at HSC is open from 5:00pm-midnight, Monday through Friday only. If you need access to this program and have not received an invitation, please email Michelle Garcia at [email protected]

Updates for March 16:

  • The Customer Service Centers at UPC and HSC are closed until further notice. If you have questions, we have created a new chat feature on our website (, which will allow you to connect to one of our Customer Service Ambassadors between the hours of 9:00am-4:00pm, M-F. You can also send us an email at [email protected]

  • At UPC, the McCarthy and McClintock entrances are open 24 hours, and the Jefferson and Pardee Entrances are open between 6:00am-8:00pm, M-F. All other campus entrances are temporarily closed.

  • Faculty and staff who still need to come to the UPC campus who have any of the following UPC structure permits (Downey, Royal, McCarthy, Figueroa, Flower, Grand, Shrine) may park in any of those facilities until further notice. NOTE: The UPC Jefferson Structure and all locations at HSC are not included; those sites are supporting medical facilities and will be operating as normal. The Biggy and SPS Structures at HSC will be staffed on a reduced schedule, between the hours of 7:00am-3:00pm.

  • Current participants in the GIFT program have had their parking privileges extended through April 13. There is no additional action needed.

  • Campus Cruiser will be unavailable effective tonight, March 16. Program hours for the Lyft Safe Rides program have been extended at UPC, and will now operate from 5:00pm-2:00am, seven days a week. We have also initiated a temporary Lyft program at HSC, which will operate from 7:00am-midnight, M-F, and include service to/from Union Station. Email invites have already been sent to all HSC constituents who have used Campus Cruiser; students or staff who need to have their USC email activated for Lyft should contact Senior Associate Director Michelle Garcia directly at [email protected]

  • USC Bus updates:
  • ALL USC buses are in the process of being deep-cleaned and sanitized
  • The Intercampus Shuttle (ICS), will continue to operate every 30 mins from 7:00am-5:00pm, with stops at Union Station. NOTE: There will be no additional Union Station routes other than the ICS.
  • At UPC, the “C” route will continue to operate every 30 mins from 9:00am-5:00pm
  • At HSC, the Soto route and Circuit Tram routes are being combined into a single, longer route running once every hour. The stop list can be found on our website at Please follow @USCmoves on Twitter for updates
  • The USC Tower, Parking Center, and Marina Del Rey routes are all temporarily cancelled

  • USC Fuel Station
    • The USC fuel station will remain in operation, however, hours will be reduced to 9:00am-1:00pm, and 2:00-5:00pm.

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

COVID-19 Operational Updates Please note the following updates from USC Transportation as we respond to the COVID-19 situation: NEW! Update regarding UPC Watt Way Entrance Re-opening (posted ]]>