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Spin To Win Facebook Admob Ad Integrated With Reward System

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Spin to Win this do real fun and entertaining with spin to win game

-> Real Time Notification for personal user and global users
-> Admob and facebook Ad integrated
-> Login with facebook and google
-> Daily Limit For spin wheel
-> Daily Limit For Scratch and win
-> WordPress Admin Panel easy to setup
-> Manage spinner to stop particular position
-> Algorithm to Control stop spin in 5X and 1k Coin
-> Use Advance AES Encryption Algorithm For Data Trasmit

Spin to win game is best game free available on play store so download this app and lets enjoy. you can play at the same time unlimited chips with it. game have scratch card you can enoy everyday make your luch and win unlimited chips with it, so play spin to win and earn unlimited chips with it

spin to win feature:
spin to win and win unlimited chips with it scrach card and win unlimited chips login with facebook and google so easy to make account listed dashbord in spin to win top member listed there with his chips earn

Advance feature for spin to win game:
-> Spin to win game you can make unlimited chip -> Spin to win game you can check your luck and win dashbord top rate list name -> Spin to win game easy to play and enjoy free lifetime -> Spin to win gane you can also do scratch card and win chips with it -> Spin to win game you can you can scratch the card daily and make top list in dashbord -> play spin to win game and enjoy and check you luck everyday for free -> Spin to win game you check use your star and clear you star with it -> Spin to win game is for everyone to play and spend time with this game -> Spin to win game you can signup and and login so you can store your lucky chips in your account and you can login anytime -> Spin to win game have feedback form you can drop your comments

Buy Spin To Win Facebook Admob Ad Integrated With Reward System by crystalwing on CodeCanyon. Spin to Win this do real fun and entertaining with spin to win game Back-end Feature : -> Real Time Notification …

Introducing Spin to Win: The New Highly Engaging Campaign Type

We are super excited to introduce you to our newest campaign type, Spin to Win. The spin to win campaign lets visitors to your site enter their email for a chance to win awesome discounts and prizes once they reach your site. Use this campaign type to grow the top of your marketing funnel in a creative way for your audience.

Site visitors love it because it’s a highly engaging way to get a discount – and every spin is a winner. You’ll love it because it converts at a really high rate, is completely customizable, and the discounts and likelihood of winning are 100% in your control.

It’s literally a win-win proposition.

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Included Spin to Win App:

Spin to Win is included in each of our plans so you can use it completely free starting today. When you click “new campaign” just choose the “Build Your Own” and then in the Design step choose “Spin to Win” as your display type.

How Spin to Win Works:

Using whatever targeting criteria you would like (e.g., page url, device type, session history and more), visitors to your site are asked to enter their email address for a chance to spin the wheel to win one of 12 prizes. Whichever slice of the wheel they land on displays a coupon code on the thank you page that they can use in your online store.

How to Customize Spin to Win Wheel:

From your perspective, customizing the wheel is simple. Each wheel has up to 6 winning spaces, each of which can contain a different prize.

Choose the text for each slice on the wheel including the winning and losing slices.

Determine the offer and offer code for each of the winning slices from any of the coupons you have created in your account.

Select the 4 colors to be used on your wheel.

Decid e how often you want each winning slice to come up.

Change the text and design of the tab and form required to spin the wheel.

Edit your thank you page.

See Spin to Win Display Type in Action.

Click on the wheel tab at the bottom right for the chance get a discount on your Privy subscription and other awesome prizes. Want some inspiration? Learn more about Privy’s Spin to Win feature + see examples from Privy customers.

Spin to Win Campaigns are on Privy. A Highly Engaging Campaign Type. Start collecting more emails. Wheelio style Pop Ups are now available! It has become one of our top performing campaigns because shoppers love the gamification being added to the buying process.