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Spanish Christmas Lottery Ads

Christmas adverts are all the rage these days, with many major brands attempting to top the yearly John Lewis offering. However, this tradition isn’t unique to us and Spain has been enjoying their very own tear-jerking Christmas ads, courtesy of the Spanish Christmas Lottery. We’ve compiled some of the very best, see how they compare to ours!

Not a Spanish speaker? Have no fear, you don’t need to be in order to enjoy these adverts.

2019 – United by the ‘Décimo’

In 2019 four separate stories celebrate the joy of giving – specifically the joy of giving a Spanish Christmas Lottery Décimo (the most popular ticket type) to somebody who deserves a slice of good fortune!

2018 – 22 More Times

The 2018 Spanish lottery commercial used the classic comedy ‘Groundhog Day’ for inspiration. A grumpy shopkeeper wins the lottery but is destined to repeat the same day over and over until he embraces the true spirit of Christmas.

2017 – Danielle

In 2017 the lottery ad is a story of thwarted love between a woman from Mars, and a man from Spain, reunited by their El Gordo lottery tickets. (It makes more sense when you watch it, and the subtitles will help if you’re not a Spanish speaker!)

2016 – The Story Of Carmina

The advert starts with a grandmother, Carmina, believing she has won the El Gordo jackpot after mistaking a re-run of last year’s results with the latest draw.

Her family, not wishing to crush her dreams, go along with it as she gathers the town to celebrate – and even stage a fake TV interview. Her son eventually decides to tell her the truth, but she stops him, and hands over her ticket for the next day’s draw as they embrace. After all, what is Christmas if it’s not about sharing?

2015 – Justino

The 2015 advert may be my favourite of them all. It’s not easy to make a genuinely emotive advert, but the creators of this one did a fine job.

The ad tells the story of Justino, a security guard in a warehouse who spends his night shift alone with just mannequins for company.

The day workers have clubbed together to buy a share of an El Gordo ticket, which turns out to be a winner. Justino thinks he has missed out, only to be confronted by his co-workers, who present him with the ticket they purchased for him. The advert ends with Justino and his colleagues celebrating their good fortune together.

Top that John Lewis.

2014 – Antonio And Manu

While a town celebrates winning El Gordo one man excludes himself from the celebrations, having been unable to buy a ticket. Forlornly he sits amongst the revellers and asks his friend, the local cafe owner, for a coffee.

He quickly asks for the bill, which comes to €21. Surprised, he asked why it’s so expensive, only for his friend to smile and explain that it was €1 for the coffee, and €20 for something in a mysterious envelope, which he slides across the table to him.

Of course it’s a winning ticket.

Make Your Own El Gordo Story

On December 22nd the world famous Spanish Christmas Lottery draw takes place, with over £2.1 billion to give away. Want to be a part of this incredible jackpot? Then we have good news for you! Lottolanders can bet on the outcome and be in with the chance of taking home your share of the El Gordo prize pool.

Head over to our El Gordo page to start betting, and discover more about the world’s biggest lottery.

Last Updated: November 2019

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Spanish Christmas Lottery Ads – Lottoland UK

While we are all familiar with our famous Christmas ads on TV, over in Spain the country gets talking about the ads for the latest Christmas Lottery.

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‘Justino’ becomes first animated star of Spanish Christmas Lottery ad

New commercial follows last year’s hugely successful campaign, and 2013’s flop

In 2013, opera singer Montserrat Caballé and pop crooner Raphael were the stars of the advertising campaign for Spain’s massive Christmas lottery, known as “El Gordo” (literally, the fat one).

But despite its high production values, the spot became one of the most derided of the season, and was endlessly parodied by comedians and internet users, some of whom recut the advert into something resembling a horror film.

Last year, however, lottery organizers changed tack, basing their campaign around the heartwarming tale of a man who is devastated to see the customers of his local bar scoop the big prize the one year he didn’t buy a ticket. But to his surprise, the bar owner then reveals he had put one by for him, meaning he does have a share of the jackpot after all.

This year, and for the first time since El Gordo was first drawn in 1892, the National Lottery has opted to use animated characters to front its campaign, which begins on Tuesday.

The main character is Justino, a night-watchman at a mannequin factory. Justino’s hours mean he never gets to see any of his co-workers, but he communicates with them by leaving the mannequins in a variety of poses and places. As in last year’s ad, he too is touched to discover he has been included in the company’s lottery syndicate.

This year’s El Gordo draw will be held on December 22, with more than €2.24 billion in cash prizes up for grabs.

“This draw is the most important of all,” explains Inmaculada García, head of the government’s State Lotteries and Betting (LAE) agency. “The Christmas Lottery is our own tradition, something that doesn’t take place in any other part of the world or at any other time of the year.”

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As they do every year, children from Madrid’s San Ildefonso School will sing out the winning numbers during the live broadcast.

The Christmas Lottery brings in around 29% of all of LAE’s revenue. Tickets cost €20 for one tenth of a share – or a décimo – in a number, or €200 for the entire run of a number.

Lottery officials say that, as the last number, 5 has formed part of winning ticket the most – 32 times. The numbers that have appeared the most overall in winning tickets – 27 times – are 4 and 6.

The last number that has appeared the least is 1, followed by 2 and 9.

In 2014, Christmas lottery ticket sales jumped 4.64% compared to the previous year.

Only two winning numbers have been repeated since the lottery was first held: 15640 in 1956 and 1978, and 20297 in 1903 and 2006.

In the 204 draws held, tickets bearing a number between 0 and 10,000 have been prized 63 times: those between 10,001 and 30,000 have won 73 times; and those in the 30,001 to 99,999 range 69 times.

New commercial follows last year’s hugely successful campaign, and 2013’s flop