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St Lucia calls to EuroMillions winners

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A married Coventry couple who work together as chefs are now able to cook up a luxurious retirement plan after winning £1 M Million on EuroMillions. The couple, who played online, matched their Millionaire Maker code and describe the win as “mind-blowing”.

Bill, 57, and Cath, 56, Mullarkey, who play EuroMillions and Lotto online each week, described the windfall as a ‘dream come true’. The couple met 25 years ago when Bill was working as a chef at a luxury hotel in Cath’s native St Lucia. The couple now plan to give up work and split their time between Coventry and the Caribbean after the “mind-blowing” win.

Bill said, “It is completely life-changing and what I can’t get my head around is that we’re now debt-free. We can clear the mortgage and plan to resettle in St Lucia for part of the year and keep a home in Coventry too.

“You buy a lottery ticket and you dream what it would be like to win but for this to happen to us is just completely mind-blowing. I have to keep pinching myself!”

The couple, who work together catering for office staff at the Sainsbury’s Call Centre in Coventy, plan to use the win to help family including Cath’s four children and 11 grandchildren. They also want to use some of the money to help Cath’s 26-year-old nephew, Messiah, who has been left paralysed from the waist down after a horrific bike accident in St Lucia a couple of months ago.

Bill and Cath were on the island visiting him at the time of the draw but couldn’t check their National Lottery account overseas. They say winning the £1 M Million prize will allow them to help Messiah and make his life easier.

Bill checked his online account at home with his granddaughter Cecila. “We couldn’t believe it when we saw a message come up to say ‘Congratulations, you’re a winner!’ and couldn’t take in the figure that came up on the screen. We weren’t sure if it was £10,000 or £100,000 at first.

“When I called the National Lottery Line to confirm the win there was a long silence and finally I was told I had won a million pounds. At that moment there was such excitement in the house and lots of screaming. We celebrated with a nice cup of tea and I didn’t sleep all night, it just wouldn’t sink in.”

St Lucia calls to Coventry chefs who won big

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