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Operations & Technique

There is no hard legal term for giving warranty. However, it is legally regulated that we have to deliver you a good product and we will always deliver that.

So if something is wrong with the product, we always try to solve it with our customer. From this it is not possible to say in advance how much time we give that. In any case, we adhere to the rules such as described here .

The name NSD Spinner is the American name for the PowerBall from the manufacturer NanoSeconD, the product and the origin is ultimately the same as the PowerBall as we have sold it for more than 10 years. With the introduction of the new name, we have indicated that a new series of models has also been introduced: the shock-resistant series PB-688. In contrast to the previous models ‘PB-188’ from NanoSeconD.

The models in the PB-688 series are resistant to drops and knocks, and the renewed rotor mechanism will always provide smooth operation. We call them “shock proof”

The PowerBall Spinners: Regular Blue, Regular Crystal, Regular Sound, Amber, Blue, Green and White are in equal measure (equivalent to 18kg). The difference is therefore only the luminous color and color of the housing. The NSD Spinners are the new 280hz types from the company NanoSeconD. Almost all NSD Spinners have shock-resistant inserts, this is stated in the product specifications. When Regular is mentioned, the Spinner does not have LED lighting. The Regular sound shows extra sound.

We also offer our PowerBalls under our own label. The Black Magic is our own budget PowerBall. A very good choice for the starting PowerBaller when you don’t think the NSD Spinner shockproof version is worth it to start with. We also offer the Silver Bullet in the same line. That is in fact our successor to the Super PowerBall. This is a heavy PowerBall.

Of course it can be even faster: the NSD PowerBall 450hz. This is just a lot smaller PowerBall but with a lightweight rotor, with which high speeds can be achieved. In addition, the heavier metal brother the NSD PowerBall 350hz which is also somewhat smaller (than the normal ones). Excessive kick is the latest addition: The NSD PowerBall Spinner Titan, which is for people with larger hands, and for fitness enthusiasts who are looking for additional (forearm) training.

On all PowerBalls where the counter is offered as an option, it can be mounted. When you order the counter as an option with a PowerBall, it will usually be delivered separately. You can then mount the counter yourself, but you can also use the PowerBall without a counter.

Note: The NSD Counter is only suitable for the NSD Spinners. We have specific counters on the Silver Bullet and the Black Magic. When you order one of those types with Counter we ensure that the correct counter is delivered. Unfortunately, there is no counter on the PowerBall Mini.

The PowerBall works because of different moving parts and is therefore sensitive to shocks and dirt. When the PowerBall has fallen hard (except the shockproof models) the PowerBall can produce a ‘ticking’ sound. This also happens when dirt has ended up, this will cause a ‘scraping’ sound. Nothing can be done about this. The PowerBall will however continue to work!

Our NSD PowerBall Spinner models are of the 280hz range and are “shockproof”. These models can handle dropping on the floor because the housing is much stronger and the rotor is equipped with a protection mechanism. Of course, when a PowerBall is misused or taken care of in a bad way, it can always become a problem, but generally speaking a PowerBall Spinner model really lasts for years!

Don’t use any force to try and remove the cord! Try to carefully remove the cord by manoeuvring the rotor and startercord backwards and forwards. For example, try this with a long needle or bent paperclip to fix the string and get around the rotor through the opening at the rotor. Only if the string is really stuck, you can choose to disassemble the PowerBall. Because there is a chance that the balanced rotor becomes out of balance, this is done at your own risk! This will therefore void your warranty.

Procedure: Loosen the two small screws under the thermo grip of the PowerBall, and place the PowerBall between a vise. Then carefully tighten the vise. The two halves will ‘pop’ loose. Then you can carefully remove the string from the rotor. After that the PowerBall can be put together again in the same way. Press the two halves firmly until they ‘pop’ back together.

We have placed our manuals for the various PowerBalls models and the digital counters inside our knowledge base. You can find them by going to the menu at the top of our website. Then go to the submenu: “Knowledge base” and then choose the option “Manuals & Operation”.

First of all, it’s good to know that there is still hope that your PowerBall can be repaired, or in some cases even replaced. This depends on the type of defect and the cause of defect. In case of the following defects we unfortunately can not help you. In these cases you have to order a new PowerBall or you can try to repair the PowerBall yourself:

  • You dropped your PowerBall and as a result there is an audible tick during rotation, or the rotor does not rotate (properly) anymore.
  • There is a liquid, oil, dirt, dust or anything else inside your PowerBall and now it does not work (properly) anymore.
  • You started the PowerBall with something other than your hand or the supplied starter cord and now the PowerBall does not work (properly) anymore.
  • You have disassembled the PowerBall and now it does not work (properly) anymore.

If you want to try to disassemble the PowerBall yourself to repair it, that is not impossible. Please note that our warranty will in any case be void when you open up the PowerBall. But, if you’re a little crafty, and if you use the right tools, you’ll probably get away with it. We recommend using good tools, taking pictures of every step, and working with caution. A clean table / workbench to work on is recommended to prevent you from making the problems bigger than they already are. There are very small parts involved, and the order of dismantling is crucial.

If the defect is one of the defects below, we usually can arrange something for you. First of all, upon return of the product, we will investigate the cause of the defect. If there is zero doubt we will replace the PowerBall for free.

  • The PowerBall was defective when it arrived to you (manufacturing error)
  • You have a lighted model and the LED lights don’t work (anymore)
  • You have an automatic starting model PowerBall, and it no longer winds up
  • The PowerBall rotor has no friction (anymore)
  • You have a PowerBall with a Digital Counter that does not work anymore (battery problems excluded!)

Please send us a message mentioning your order number, your contact details and a description and preferably some photos of the defect / problem of your product in case of a defect. Don’t send your product back to us unless specifically told to do so. Maybe we can help you remotely, or returning the product is not necessary. We will respond as soon as possible, usually on the same day.

The shipping costs for returning your product are for your own account, we recommend sending it with a request for ‘signature for receipt’.

We are trying to make the use of the PowerBall as easy as possible for you. This is how we came up with the Autostart. However, should you still have questions about the ‘how’, you probably can find the answer on this page.

How To : Start a wrist powerball using the thumb technique

There is a reason why this little gadget is called a powerball. It gets its name because it exercises your wrist, fingers, and forearm.
This instructional how to video will show you the easiest way to start a powerball using just your thumb.

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There is a reason why this little gadget is called a powerball. It gets its name because it exercises your wrist, fingers, and forearm. ]]>