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Draw result Powerball

Jackpot: $ 149 mln

Winning numbers

  • 14
  • 16
  • 37
  • 48
  • 58
  • 18
  • x2
Prize breakdown
Matched combinations
Your winnings
Multiplier x2

Winnings may be subject to tax in the country of the lottery.

Check winning numbers of Powerball and see the lottery draw online

Powerball is one of the oldest and favorite games of the American continent. The lottery is played not only by the residents of the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Cuba, but also by the Europeans, the Latin Americans and the Australians. The US Powerball lottery is famous for its huge Jackpots, the biggest of which reached half a billion dollars in 2013, and large secondary prizes of nine categories.

If you too play the famous American game, after the end of the draw check the Powerball numbers in this section and find out how much you won. Powerball lottery results are in the table above. If you match at least one special number, you are guaranteed to receive a cash prize of $ 4, moreover the Powerplay option can make any of your secondary winnings 2-10 times bigger.

Many Powerball drawings are a sensation, such as the game in 2013, when 84-year-old Gloria McKenzie turned from an ordinary pensioner to the owner of $ 595,000,000. In this section, you can watch the Powerball draw online, just select the desired date and the video will automatically appear on the page.

Check winning numbers of Powerball, the American national lottery, see online video of the draws, which we publish in a few hours after the official announcement of fresh Powerball results.

Latest Results from the Texas Lottery

Current Est. Annuitized Jackpot for 11/25/2020:

$202 Million

Est. Cash Value: $157.9 Million

  1. 51
  2. 54
  3. 57
  4. 60
  5. 69
  6. 11

Power Play: 2

Current Est. Annuitized Jackpot for 11/24/2020:

$200 Million

Est. Cash Value: $155.5 Million

  1. 26
  2. 33
  3. 45
  4. 61
  5. 68
  6. 17

Megaplier: 3

Current Est. Annuitized Jackpot for 11/25/2020:

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