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Desktop Power Supply

Open Frame Power Supply

Medical Adapter

Medical Open Frame

DC / DC Converter(DC to DC Converter, DC-DC Converter)

Level VI products

Power-Win, established in 1989, is a well founded power supply manufacturer located in Taipei, Taiwan. Having first started with the PC power supply business, Power-Win has extended its product lines to include AC / DC switching adapters , open frame power supplies, DC / DC ATX converters and medical power supplies .

Backed by strong, in-house R & D capabilities, Power-Win not only leads market trends by developing its own product lines, but also works with customers on OEM / ODM projects. Currently we are developing and improving our products series to meet CEC / Energy Star requirements.

Power-Win is a professional Manufacturer of Power Supply in Taiwan. We provide various Medical Power Supply, Power Adapters and AC/DC Switching Adapter such as Switching Power Supply,Open Frame Power Supply, AC/DC Adapter, Efficiency Level VI, Medical Adapter and AC/DC Open Frame.

Women Win

Women Win is a global multi-dimensional women’s fund guided by the vision of a future where every girl and woman exercises her rights.

Amplifying girls’ and women’s voices

so they can
fully exercise their rights

In the light of today’s most pressing challenges and inequities, Women Win endeavors to continuously push boundaries when it comes to collaborations and strategies so that funding for girls’ and women’s rights are responsive to the real needs of women and girls on the ground and that of their communities. We recognise and value innovation when tackling the barriers that prevent women and girls to live a happy and empowered life.

Organisations around the world have been creative and resilient – just like our funding mechanisms and initiatives.

Through our daughter brands, Women Win provides organisations with the resources they need to amplify girls’ and women’s voices so they can fully exercise their rights.

Win-Win Strategies

Connects the power of business with the deep assets of women’s funds and organisations.

Through Win-Win Strategies, Women Win works to catalyse a transformative, cross-sectoral approach to sustained women’s economic resilience. We leverage the expertise and resources of women’s funds/organisations, companies and other multi-sectoral partners to strengthen investment in women’s economic resilience strategies and programmes.

Advance the playing field that empowers adolescent girls and young women through sport and play.

GRLS leverages the power of sports and play to strengthen leadership skills of adolescent girls and young women so they can become better equipped to exercise their rights.

This is possible thanks to collaborations with a wide variety of grassroots women’s organisations, corporations, development organisations, sports bodies and government agencies. As we grow, we continue to develop new tools and ways to promote sport as a strategy to empower adolescent girls and young women, including open source guidelines and grassroot approaches. We learn, document, and share the impact of gender-sensitive sport programmes with a clear women’s rights approach.

We’re about girls and women empowerment! Together with the girls, women, partners and allies who we work with, we’re creating a future where all girls and women can exercise their rights. ]]>