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Pick-Proof Wristband Signs | Simplicity : Customized

With the increased use of high-resolution camera systems, pitch-clocks, advanced scouting, and an increased focus on stealing signs, it’s clear Wristband Sign Systems are here to stay. Protecting, simplifying and controlling your team’s strategy is more important than ever.

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Pick-Proof Signs is the #1 Wristband Signal System on the market today. Pick-Proof Signs system is not only the easiest but most customizable & reliable tool for your team.

Control Your Signs, Control the Game

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Used at the Major League Baseball (MLB), USA, International, NCAA, high school, club and select levels, Pick Proof Wristcoach Signals are now being successfully implemented by nearly every type of baseball and softball team.

At, our cutting edge product will guide you through an easy step-by-step process to customize your signs however you would like. Once complete, simply print and you’re ready to play.


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Winning is Hard, Your Signs Shouldn’t Be.

Keep it simple, keep it clean, focus on putting your sign system to work, not the other way around. With Pick Proof Signs’ unique tools you can focus your time and energy during practice and in the game on what matters – getting better and winning.

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Baseball and softball wristband sign system | No annual license renewal. With the increased use of high-resolution camera systems, pitch-clocks, advanced scouting and an increased focus on stealing signs, it's clear Wristband Signs are here to stay. Protect and control your team's strategy with

The #1 Wristband Sign System

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Now used by Major League Baseball


USED at youth, high school, select, collegiate and MLB Levels

Testimonials – Baseball

Own The Zone Sports Pick-Proof Wrsitband Sign Software has created a product that Oregon State University’s baseball program has been using since 2006. It is the best product on the market for pitch calling, signs for our offensive players, and defensive positioning. In this current baseball climate with technology, sign stealing, and new NCAA rules allowing pitchers to wear player wristbands to help deliver in-game information this product is a must for everyone in baseball.

Patrick Bailey – Oregon State Baseball

The Own The Zone Sports Wristband Sign System is without question the most valuable system on the market today. You can generate an infant amount of cards to ensure the system will never be picked. It’s easy for both the coach and the player. I firmly believe that if you don’t have it — you are missing out. I strongly recommend the system to all coaches at every level.

David Grewe – Louisiana State Baseball

Used for both during both of our National Titles in 2013 and 2019 The Own The Zone Pitch-Calling System has proven to be one of the most useful products we use at Vanderbilt University. The software is so simple and easy to use that it allows us to put our entire system into one area! Our pitchers are able to work with the fast pace that we prefer, all thanks to the quickness of the system and its ability to generate a different assortment of pitch-calling cards with the click of a button! A must have in our program for pitch calling!.

Scott Brown – Vanderbilt Baseball

Testimonials – Softball

Own the Zone Sports Softball Sign Software has been a great addition to our softball program. It has allowed our coaching staff to be advanced and specific with the signal calling. The card gives our athletes confidence to execute every play that is called during the game. The simplicity of the system creates a great tempo during the game and helps our team to be at its best.

Patty Gasso – Oklahoma Softball

I have been coaching for over thirty years and have seen allot of products come and go! The Own The Zone Sports Pick-Proof Sign Software is here to stay and has changed the way coaches communicate signs! Not often do you find a product that is a game changer but Own the Zone Sports has made a major impact in both Baseball and Softball. If you are not using this great product, chances are your opponent is! Picking signs has been elevated to a new level and without a doubt, using this product will allow your communication to become seamless and pick proof! Try it and I am sure you will agree!

Mike Candrea – USA and Arizona Softball

Own The Zone Sports Wristband Sign Software has been a fabulous addition to our game. Our signs are absolutely “pick proof” and we never miss signs. This system is the best softball wristband sign system on the market!

Barb Sherwood – Virginia Tech Softball

#1 pick-proof baseball and softball Wristband Sign Software. Full season 100% money back guarantee on the highest quality wristbands. Do not be fooled by OtherSignSystems on the market. Now used by MLB and over 700 colleges and 35+ NCAA National Champions – there is only one original and elite program for your team