pch power numbers

1: Mom/Dad/Kids’/Grandparents’ birthdays

There’s nothing sweeter than picking the birthdays of special people who make you feel lucky!

2: Wedding Anniversary

The day you got married or watched your child get married is a lucky day indeed.

3: Your own birthday/spouse’s birthday

Choosing your own birthday/spouse’s birthday is a must for people here – maybe it will feel lucky for you too.

4: Work anniversary

People who chose this date consider it a day that they will always be grateful for – especially if they win millions with it!

5: Dating anniversary

This was a popular choice among the single crowd and the sentimental married crowd. It’s a great option for a lucky number!

6: Wedding Day/Birthday combo

Who’s to say it has to be one or the other? Lots of folks mix and match…so why can’t you?

7: Favorite Sports Heroes Jersey Numbers

42…Jackie Robinson. #18…Payton Manning. #3…Babe Ruth… #23…Michael Jordan. #9…Mia Hamm. Pick your favorites and run with them!

8: Street Address/Apartment #s/Phone #s

My parents thought their first apartment number was lucky (#7). Which address, apartment number, or phone number contains your lucky numbers?

9: Ages of children

Some people here pick the ages of kids, neighbors, relatives, or pets! It’s another fun way to generate numbers that feel right to you.

10: Go random!

Just hit the “Quick Pick” button on your PowerPrize card, and your numbers will be chosen completely at random – and filled in a flash. How easy is that!

Remember, when you pick your PowerPrize numbers, you’re going for MILLIONS plus a shot to WIN OVER 100 DAILY CASH PRIZES. It’s fast, free, and easy to enter, so head on over to PCHlotto and fill out your cards now!

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What’s your favorite way to pick lucky numbers? Please leave a comment below and let us know.

How do you choose your PowerPrize Numbers? What’s your favorite way to go for MILLIONS plus take a shot at daily cash prizes? Please leave a comment and let us know!

Pch power numbers

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Playing PCHlotto’s Power Prize is simple! All you have to do is select 8 out of 54 numbers. You can either select your own numbers or select quick pick for the numbers to be randomly generated for you, just like on the other PCHlotto cards!

However, Power Prize also has an extra step. After selecting your 8 numbers, you will be prompted to pick 1 number out of 24 as your Daily Power Number!

Every week, we will hold a drawing for PCHlotto’s Power Prize, and to win the current jackpot, you must match all 8 of your numbers plus the Daily Power Number.

Please Note: Although you can select numbers for PCHlotto’s Power Prize multiple times per day (daytime and twilight on both the desktop and mobile PCHlotto sites as well as your daytime and twilight cards in the PCHlotto App), you can only select one Daily Power Number per day, per platform . This means that each time you play PCHlotto’s Power Prize in a given day, you can select 8 different numbers as part of the first step, but the Daily Power Number you selected during your first gameplay of the day will be the same Daily Power Number chosen during your subsequent Power Prize plays for that platform (meaning you can pick your Daily Power Number once on desktop, once on mobile, and once in the PCHlotto App in a given day). This resets the next day at Midnight ET, where you can pick a new Daily Power Number for the day, and then the same rules apply.

Pch power numbers Have another questions? Search below… Playing PCHlotto’s Power Prize is simple! All you have to do is select 8 out of 54 numbers. You can either select your own numbers