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The New Hampshire Lottery is definitely one of the better states in terms of reporting the status of their Scratch Games. The available information enables ScratchSmarter LLC to produce an incredibly accurate analysis of every New Hampshire Instant Game – giving our customers an UNFAIR Advantage – letting them focus their money on only the VERY BEST GAMES to Play!

They publish almost all of the game details we need, including the Overall Odds, the detailed odds, the game start and end dates. While we’d really like them to publish the prizes remaining for ALL prize amounts for all games (they only post prizes remaining down to the $1,000 prize level), our algorithm happily estimates the total Estimated % of tickets remaining with the prize details remaining that they DO publish. This, combined with everything else they put on their website about their Scratch Games gives us more than enough info for our reports to give our subscribers a truly unfair advantage when buying their tickets!

Here are the facts:



Information Available:

How do you know we’re up to date on the New Hampshire Lottery?

Check out our free page listing all New Hampshire instant games and how many of the top prizes are remaining:

That free report is good, but it doesn’t tell you the WHOLE Story! What you really need is deeper analysis to help you win big! Why? Because knowing the Top Prizes Remaining isn’t enough –

You need to know how many tickets have been sold!

Think about it – if you see 5 top prizes remaining, but there are 20,000,000 tickets still for sale – is that better the 2 top prizes remaining with only 100,000 tickets still for sale?

And how to do you compare this across all games for sale? it’s not easy, but that is exactly what our Best Games to Play reports tell you!


All things New Hampshire Lottery Related! – We know NH Lottery Instant Scratch Games – better than anyone – Here's where you start to ScratchSmarter in NH!

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