nebraska 2by2 winning numbers

Nebraska (NE) 2 By 2 Past 30 Day Winning Numbers

How to Play 2 By 2?

2by2 offers eight ways to win and a top prize of $20,000. It’s easy and fun to play. Overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 3.59.

1) Choose how many boards to play. Each play slip has five boards. Each board costs $1. Each board contains two sets of numbers from 1 to 26.

2) To play a board, select two numbers from the first set of 26 numbers in the white play area and two numbers from the second set of 26 numbers in the red play area. Place a heavy, vertical mark through the numbers you wish to play. Do not use red ink and do not erase.

3) Check the appropriate box for up to 15 multi-draws on one single ticket.

You may select Quick Pick (QP) and have the computer randomly pick the numbers for you. Either mark the QP option on the play slip or ask the store clerk for a QP ticket for up to five boards and your desired multi-draw option.

4) Match at least one number and win! It’s that easy and all prizes are paid in one lump sum.

2by2 is a multi-state game jointly offered by the Kansas Lottery, the Nebraska Lottery, and the North Dakota Lottery. The game is administered through the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL). – Lottery Winning Strategies,california lottery,florida lottery,texas lottery,Prizes, Winning Numbers Statistics, Jackpots & more

Nebraska 2by2 winning numbers

Michael claimed his second big win this year! He was just here in October 2019 to claim a $600 Mega Millions prize and told us then he’d be back. He sure was right! Michael said today he’ll be back again with a larger jackpot win. Congrats Michael!

Charles Kalkowski / $22,000

Lincoln, NE – Charles Kalkowski of Lynch won $22,000 playing 2by2 from the Nebraska Lottery.

Kalkowski purchased his winning ticket from Lynch Hometown Market at 416 West Hoffman Street in Lynch. The ticket contained the winning Red ball numbers (05, 14) and White ball numbers (15, 26) from the March 23 drawing on a free ticket.

Louis V. Kronawitter, Jr. / $22,000

TOPEKA, KAN. – Louis V. Kronawitter, Jr. is an avid Kansas Lottery player, who has always dreamed of winning a big lottery prize. That dream turned into a reality when the Shawnee resident won a $22,000 top prize on a free 2by2 Quick Pick ticket!

2by2 is a daily game that offers eight ways to win and a top prize of $22,000. To win the $22,000 top prize, Kronawitter matched both Red numbers 17 and 24 and both White numbers 10 and 13 in the January 25 2by2 drawing.

Robert Schwartz / $22,000

TOPEKA, KAN. – Tuesday morning, her husband Robert yelled, “Barb, come here!”

“The way he yelled it, it scared me to death,” said Barb Schwartz. “I thought he was having a heart attack!”

Nothing like that, thank goodness. It wasn’t a cry for help; it was a cry of joy! Robert Schwartz was celebrating the $22,000 top prize he won in Monday’s 2by2 drawing. And to think…“I won it with a free ticket!” he said proudly.

John from Fargo / $22,000

NORTH DAKOTA (July 25, 2018) – John stopped by the North Dakota Lottery office this morning to claim his $22,000 2by2 jackpot win! John won the big prize by purchasing a 2by2 ticket with the $6 he won playing Mega Millions. Talk about luck! He used the $6 to buy six plays of 2by2 for the July 25, 2018 draw and it turned into $22,000!

Lee McNorton / $22,000

TOPEKA, KAN. – Lee McNorton of Olathe is becoming a regular visitor to Topeka. In 2016, he won a $15,000 shopping spree at Sears in our Holiday Dash second chance promotion. Now, less than two years later, he’s back in Topeka with a $22,000 2by2 win after matching both Red ball and White ball numbers in the July 14 drawing!

“I’m happy to make the trip to Topeka any time,” said McNorton with a big smile. “We’ve been very lucky lately, and it’s been a real blessing. We’re definitely going to keep playing!”

Gary Shipley / $22,000

TOPEKA, KAN. – Gary Shipley, 67, of Hoxie is a man who stays the course. Case in point – he’s been playing the same four numbers in every 2by2 drawing for four or five years.

“My thought was that eventually they have to get hit. I might be 130 years old before that happens, but they’re going to get hit,” Shipley said with a laugh.

Mike Lagerman / $22,000

Javier Lima / $22,000

Dwayne Ryder / $22,000

Dwayne Ryder of Lincoln won $22,000 playing 2by2 from the Nebraska Lottery. Dwayne is going to put the money in savings and take his wife out to eat. Congratulations, Dwayne!

  • Prizes & Odds

The overall odds of winning a 2by2 prize are 1 in 3.59. The odds presented here are based on a $1 play and are rounded to one decimal place.

Any multi-draw selection that is not divisible by 7 is not eligible for the 2by2 Tuesday feature. The maximum Grand Prize liability is $220,000 (10 winners) per day except Tuesday. The maximum Grand Prize liability is $440,000 (10 winners) for a Tuesday drawing. If there are more than 10 Grand Prize winners in any one drawing, prizes will be awarded on a pari-mutuel basis.

The free ticket(s) is a 2by2 quick pick play(s) and will automatically print after the ticket is validated. Check your lottery’s official game rules for more information.

Nebraska 2by2 winning numbers Michael claimed his second big win this year! He was just here in October 2019 to claim a $600 Mega Millions prize and told us then he’d be back. He sure was right! ]]>