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Sikkim State Lottery India Review 2020

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  • Accepted in India: Yes, in some states
  • Maximum Jackpot: 5 crores
  • Ticket cost: Rs. 6-2000
  • Online agents available in India: 0
Sikkim Lottery

Guide how to play the Sikkim State Lottery. Daily draws available but tickets can only be bought in buy vendors in the state. Win up to 5 crores. If you do not live in Sikkim you can play international lotteries every day and purchase tickets online!

Guide to playing Sikkim State Lottery

It is no secret that playing the Sikkim State Lottery is one of the favourite pastimes of citizens of the state. And how could it not be, when lottery draws are available every single day in Sikkim?

But, while some Indian government lotteries focus on providing lotto players with daily draws which deliver decent top prizes, others organize Bumper draws which deliver really life-changing rewards.

The Sikkim lottery falls in the category of those that provide players with both. You get the Dear Morning daily draws, as well as excellent Bumper draws held several times throughout the year.

You can learn more about them by visiting Sikkim websites that offer information on the draws, or you can, as always, go through my rigorous review to learn the essential things about the lottery.

Sikkim Lottery Online Alternatives

Sadly you cannot play the Sikkim State lottery online. Any site that tells you differently is lying. I previously made an in-depth investigation regarding playing the Kerala lottery online and found out that it was a scam.

I have researched the websites that claim that they will send you Sikkim lottery tickets by post or that you can purchase them online and come to the conclusion that these are a scam just like their counterparts in Kerala. Furthermore it is illegal to sell Sikkim lottery tickets online.

If you want to play lotto games similar to the ones that Sikkim lottery offers I recommend you to take a look at Lottoland Asia.

They have India exclusive online lottery games that are both safe and guarantee to pay out your winnings fast and easy. This is the site most my readers play at.

You can buy a Malamaal Daily ticket for 40 INR and win up to 50 lakh!

Guide how to play the Sikkim State Lottery. Can you play online? How much can you win? What should you NEVER do? All this and more answered!