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Top Free MSN Games

  1. Outspell
  2. Deal or No Deal
  3. Trizzle
  4. MahJong Tiles
  5. Bubble Town
  6. Microsoft Mahjong
  7. Addiction Solitaire
  8. Mahjongg Toy Chest
  9. Crescent Solitaire
  10. Canfield Solitaire

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Bubble Town

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Deal or No Deal

Microsoft Casual Games

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

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Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal is a free online game based on a hugely popular TV show. It features familiar set designs, concepts and other details, thus providing players with an experience similar to that of the actual contestants.

Microsoft Mahjong is a very relaxing puzzle game that requires focus and concentration without stressing you out. Based on a legendary Chinese board game, this title can bring you hours of free entertainment.

Cubis 2 is a very entertaining casual puzzle game with basic rules and easy to understand mechanics. It is, however, pretty difficult to master and become efficient at playing it.

Mahjongg Toy Chest

Mahjong Toy Chest is a variation of the popular puzzle game recreated in virtual form. Cleaning your room has never been this much fun! Match toys and candy in this all new twist on classic Mahjongg!

Outspell is a fun little word game reminiscent of scribble. You are given several letters that you can use to spell a word by putting them on a 13×13 board.

Mahjongg Dark Dimensions

Do you love Mahjong games but get bored with the same layouts and themes? Play a session Mahjongg Dark Dimentions online and experience the franchise in a new light!

Bubble Town is a very simple casual game suitable for almost any age. Blast away Borbs before you run out of room!

Sharpen your platforming skills and improve your reflexes by playing Run Rabbit Run online in your favorite web browser!

If you need to distract yourself while improving your cognitive skills, a quick Addiction Solitaire game might be just what you need.

Canfield Solitaire is one of the most popular versions of the world-famous card game that continues to be a great pastime activity all over the world.

Mahjong Tiles is a casual puzzle game created by Microsoft to try and deliver the experience of real mahjong to our computer screens.

Trizzle is an original casual puzzle game featuring Russian dolls. 25 matryoshkas are placed in front of you on a 5×5 board. Swap and stack these dizzy Trizzle dolls!

If you love puzzle games and sweets, why not combine these two pleasures by playing a quick Mahjongg Candy game? Come and play the most delicious mahjong game of them all, Mahjongg Candy!

Crescent Solitaire is another variation of the traditional card game – in this one the rules are similar but the layout is different and the strategy needs to be adjusted in new unexpected ways in order to persevere.

Feeling like playing a classic card sorting game but bored of the same layouts and rules? A short Golf Solitaire game might be just what you are looking for.

MSN Games – free to play

MSN games is one of the most prolific gaming portals that provides access to thousands of quality titles for any situation. You get puzzles, casino and card games, action and arcade, quizzes and trivia without having to pay anything for them. The greatest part is that MSN is owned by Microsoft, one of the most well-known and reputable companies in the world, so users don’t have to worry about the quality of the content or the safety of their machines. The games are 100% malware-free and even the downloadable ones won’t cause any problems once launched locally.

Most of the time, however, people prefer to play MSN games online — there is no need to install anything and what they are looking for is always there, available from multiple devices and just as fun. Hits like Bejeweled, Microsoft Mahjong, Bubble Shooter and many more are the reason so many users keep coming back to this website daily to take a break from their usual routines. Some prefer simplistic concepts and basic graphics, others enjoy fully flashed out 3D visuals and complex gameplay mechanics – there is something for everyone to find in this internet chest of wonders.

Designing interesting games takes a lot of time and resources. Thankfully, many the developers work together with the publisher to provide MSN games free of charge for anyone who wants to play them. The reasoning behind this is that while people are prepared to pay significant sums for AAA-titles, smaller casual games are usually not expected to cost a lot of money. In exchange for hours of entertainment you are shown unintrusive ads that keep the portal financially viable and sustainable – a very small price to pay for what you get. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the service via downloadable client for a small fee – first week is free, but then you have to decide whether you wish to support the developers or not.

People who like MSN games play them in all kinds of environments: you can enjoy the site’s archive at home on a rainy day, at work or at school (hopefully, on a lunch break), during commute or on the go. Simply pick any genre you like and explore the index of great titles to find familiar nostalgic ones and discover something original, surprising and unfamiliar. If you haven’t tried any yet, you are in for a fun ride!

MSN games is one of the most prolific gaming portals that provides access to thousands of quality titles for any situation. You get puzzles, casino and card games, action and arcade, quizzes and trivia without having to pay anything for them.

Worth Playing MSN Free Online Games List

There are many MSN Free Online Games available at the store. People play that game almost 2-3 hours a week. MSN games are low in graphics and there are many free MSN games available online. Microsoft launched this portal in 1995 and in 1996 they launched for online games.

Top New MSN Paid/Free Online Games List

Table of Contents

There are lots of online games available at the store, both free and paid. Here are the top trending list of the games in the store

  1. Solitaire Collection
  2. Microsoft Mahjong
  3. Microsoft Mahjongg Dimensions
  4. Microsoft 10 x 10 Classic
  5. Microsoft Bubble Shooter
  6. Microsoft Bejeweled 3
  7. Microsoft Ultimate Word Games
  8. Jigsaw
  9. Microsoft Block Champ
  10. Microsoft Cubis 2
Puzzle Games
  1. Bubble Town
  2. Mahjongg Dark Dimensions
  3. Jewel Quest
  4. Sudoku
Word & Trivia Games
  1. Word Wipe
  2. Microsoft Ultimate Word Games
  3. TextTwist 2
  4. Outspell
Action & Arcade Games
  1. Bubble Town
  2. Microsoft Bubble
  3. 8 Ball Pool
  4. Bubble Shooter
  5. 3D Darts
Card & Board Games
  1. Microsoft Solitaire Collection
  2. Multiplayer Poker – Zone Online Casino
  3. Bingo – Zone Online Casino
  4. Hearts
Multiplayer Games
  1. Backgammon
  2. Spades
  3. Hearts
  4. Checkers
  5. Chess

Is MSN free Online Games?

Well MSN offered both free games MSN as well as paid games. Currently, Microsoft is offering MSN Premium from $10 per month. Still, if you are looking for free online games then there are many in the store. There are many new games coming every week, search it using the search bar on the site. Worth reading: PlayStaion5 Release Date to set 2020.

How do I download MSN Games?

You can easily get Microsoft free games from the site ( Follow the steps given down below.

  1. First: open the web and search for the content or game in it.
  2. Second: Open your game on the web and from the game content page (, click on the try button.
  3. Third: Now box appears asking Run or Save the game, Choose to save to get download it.
  4. Fourth: After finishing the game, setup will appear at the downloaded location. Click and Install it.
  5. Fifth: After that enter the registration key with an email address and enjoy the game.

If you find any problem during the game you can contact Microsoft support for getting any assistance on online games.

Where can I play online games for free?

If you are looking for MSN Free Games then just follow the website first ( and then there are a couple of games, chose your field which you like the most, and play. One more piece of news about the next part of GTA is here.

Does Yahoo Games still exist?

There was one more option for free online games that was Yahoo Games, but unfortunately, the company officially shut down this section in the year 2016, if you are able to see this in your web browser then try to avoid it, This can be done by online scammers. Recently Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge is also coming to check it out here.

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There are many MSN Free Online Games available at the store. People play that game almost 2-3 hours a week. MSN games are low in graphics and there are many