most overdue mega millions numbers

Overdue Mega Millions Numbers

Some Mega Millions numbers can go weeks, months or even over a year without being selected, with many players referring to these numbers as cold due to the lack in which they appear. You might be inclined to think that these numbers are overdue, and you can find those overdue Mega Millions numbers below. The ‘Last Draw’ column shows you how many days it has been since that number was drawn, including the date on which it was drawn below in brackets.

Here you can find the most overdue Mega Millions numbers, the coldest numbers and the numbers which have appeared in the fewest draws.

Mega Millions Frequency

You might find these MegaMillions number frequencies helpful when trying to choose your next set of numbers to play. Will it be one of the hot numbers which seem to be on a roll right now or are one of the cold numbers overdue an appearance?

The frequencies here are completely up to date including the last draw and will update automatically when a new draw takes place. However, only results since October 31, 2017 are included, which is the date that MegaMillions changed their game matrix to 70 main balls and 25 Mega Balls.

Scroll down to see a number frequency table and chart, most-picked and least-picked number frequencies, plus a selection of overdue numbers, most common pairs and most common triplets, plus other assorted statistics.

Number frequencies for the MegaMillions lottery game, includes most and least often picked, frequencies, hot and cold numbers, most common pairs and lot more… ]]>