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California(CA) Super Lotto Most Winning Pairs

California(CA) Super Lotto is designed as a lottery game that consists of choosing 5 winning numbers from a pool of 47 numbers, and a number from a separate set of 27 numbers. The 47 numbers have 1081 possible pair combinations, and the 5 numbers resulted from each Super Lotto draw have 10 pair combinations. According to statistics, one pair combination should appear every 108 draws.

By combining our most winning pairs, with our Power Picks, you can easily generate potentially successful combinations.

The 50 most winning pairs of Super Lotto are calculated based on 2135 draws that have taken place Wed Jun 07, 2000 (02-04-11-15-28-16) through Sat Nov 21, 2020 (08-12-16-21-41-20).

In the total of 2135 draws, each pair combination is expected to appear 19 times. These below 50 most winning pairs obviously have above average performance.

California Super Lotto most wining pairs analysis show the most winning pairs in the drawing history.

Superlotto Statistics

These Superlotto statistics are completely up to date and include the latest winning numbers. You will find a breakdown of the frequency that each Superlotto ball has been drawn, in a table and graphical form.

Below that, there’s two tables showing the most-picked and least-picked numbers throughout the history of Superlotto PLus. Perhaps those tables will help you pick your numbers for the next draw – the most-drawn “hot numbers” and sure to come out again? And if you are thinking that some numbers are “overdue” an appearance, then take a look at the Most Overdue Numbers.

Winding up the statistics are the most common pairs and consecutive pairs, and their triplet counterparts.

Statistics for the California SuperLotto game; number frequencies, hot and cold numbers, common pairs and triplets, plus many more.