michigan lottery super raffle 2020

Michigan Super Raffle

Lottery draws are always thinking of innovative ways to draw customers in. Some spend money on big ad campaigns, others hold super jackpots and mega draws but one lottery has thought up a completely original idea to get lottery players excited. On Tuesday 28th September the first ever Michigan Super Raffle is to take place, a brand new event, no one knows what to expect but if this hits off like other Super Raffles around the world then Michigan Lottery players will have plenty to celebrate.

Michigan Super Raffle – the Ultimate 50/50 Raffle

The Michigan Super Raffle is to be called the Ultimate 50/50 Raffle and they have been gearing up for it for weeks with information on the Michigan Lottery website and a Super Raffle ad campaign.

Michigan Super Raffle tickets have been for sale all month and will continue to be available until September 27th. Like any lottery draw, the Super Raffle jackpot climbs as players buy lottery tickets but in the rules of a raffle, there are no rollovers, someone has to win this Super Raffle jackpot on September 28th.

Unlike lottery draws you don’t need to chose numbers for the Michigan Super Raffle, buy a ticket and a super raffle number will be allocated to you and the jackpot will climb day on day. Your super raffle ticket will contain a six-digit super raffle number between 000001 and 999999 and will be unique to your ticket. One super raffle ticket will be the winner, regardless of how many super raffle tickets are sold and the draw will take place no matter what. Only super raffle numbers that have been sold will be entered into the electronic draw so one player is guaranteed to become a Michigan Super Raffle winner.

More Michigan Lottery Super Raffles Coming Soon

This isn’t the first Super Raffle held by the Michigan Lottery, they hold these raffle draws regularly, but this is the first 50/50 Super Raffle from the Michigan Lottery and if successful will hopefully be the first of many. If you missed the 50/50 raffle, look out for more Michigan Lottery super raffles coming soon!

The latest innovation to bring in state lottery players is the Michigan Super Raffle, a brand new event that is sure to be a hit like other Super Raffles around the world, giving Michigan Lottery players plenty to celebrate with this Super Raffle.

Super Raffle Gives Michigan Lottery Players Chance to Win Millions

Michigan Lottery players have one week left to get their chance to win the largest raffle prize ever with the Super Raffle game!

Super Raffle features the richest payout of any raffle game offered by the Lottery. It offers a top prize of $4 million and two $2 million prizes. Other prizes are: $100,000 (10), $500 (3,300), and $100 (12,000).

Super Raffle ticket may be purchased for $50 each. Each Easy Pick play will feature a unique six-digit raffle number. Nearly 200,000 of the available 300,000 tickets for Super Raffle have been sold. The Super Raffle drawing will take place on Sept. 19.

Super Raffle is the 26th different raffle themed game offered by the Lottery. Prizes on previous raffle games ranged from $40,000 tax free to nearly $2.5 million.

Super Raffle tickets may be purchased at the Lottery’s 11,000 retailers across the state.

Michigan Lottery players have one week left to get their chance to win the largest raffle prize ever with the Super Raffle game! ]]>