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Lotto Lottery Multi-Draw Package

A Multi-Draw Form offers you a way to play your lucky lotto lottery numbers selection for 5, 10, 25 or 52 consecutive draws.
You will find multidraw option as an ideal solution for lottery and lotto players, who want to play the same lucky numbers, for a longer period of time.

On the right picture: Man playing lotto system by traditional way. Multidraw package could be a great solution for him and for any lottery and lotto player.

You will reduce cost of playing and save money when entering multiple draws

More facts about multidraw packages for lotto and lottery players

How do I select a Multi-Draw form?
To select a Multi-Draw form check the box next to the number of draws you wish to participate in after filling out your lottery form.

Can I stop a Multi-Draw participation and get a refund?
No, when playing a MultiDraw form you prepay (less than a one-time bet cost for participation) for a number of draws in advance, therefore we cannot refund you for any part of the advance payment.

Can I automatically renew my Multi-Draw form?
If you want your Multi-Draw form to be auto-renewed upon expiration, you can either select this option when first purchasing the Multi-Draw form or, at any time: just go to your My Multi-Draw section on the site, click the Multi-Draw row you want to renew and select the Auto-renew option from the drop down menu at the Auto-Renew Status.

Purchase a lottery multi-draw package to ensure that you never miss a draw. Save up to 25% on your favourite lottery draws. ]]>