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Reviews of Lucky Number 6 for Men by Lucky Brand

This fragrance I’ve been a fan of for the past 11 years now.Not that I’ve ever worn with this all the time without a change of pace. but I really do like Lucky Number 6.But I’ve worn it daily the mass majority of the time.For a cheap fragrance it sports a scent reminiscent to it’s bottle look.

I get a base of black leather that’s new or polished. it’s identical to that petrol-like leather note in Fahrenheit by Christian Dior.Dark plum and oriental spice comes across and seasons this leather.There’s a interesting combo of dry moss(green note) getting some citrusy edge from the neroli in this.A little sharp but also bracing and exotic to the nose.Last is the hint of sandalwood that peeks out of the plum and spice adding a little more to it’s dark oriental flavor.Everything about this fragrance is black and red except of course the green/citrusy touch.

It’s a low projection fragrance but runs steady on my skin 6-8 hours.Runs about another 4 hours as a skin scent.It’s comfortable for casual or work wear.It’s a great scent for being inexpensive but I would call this mature minded.

Hats off to Lucky Brand for taking a chance on some pretty daring top notes. Not just the usual lemon zest here, but instead an odd sweet/savory accord with suggestions of coriander and chili peppers. It has me thinking of take-out from the Thai restaurant around the corner, and for a few minutes I anticipate something more interesting than a bland men’s “sport” fragrance. The rest of Lucky Number 6 is nothing quite so terrible, but it’s not terribly exciting, either. As the quirky top notes dissipate, Lucky Number 6 sheds any hint of exoticism and settles into a pleasant, but undistinguished spicy fougиre groove. I give it credit for not smelling overtly chemical, and for maintaining a well-judged balance between, woody, spicy, and abstract fruity notes at its core, but I can’t help feeling disappointed that it doesn’t live up to the promise of its clever, funky opening.

Lucky Number 6 is a nice surprise. I got a bottle of it in a swap here, having never smelled it before, and I enjoy it enough that’ll I’ll probably seek out a backup at some point.

Being that there’s no picture here on basenotes, I have to assume those saying this smells like Fahrenheit or Grey Flannel are mistakenly filing reviews for a different scent here. This has nothing in common with Fahrenheit or Grey Flannel. It’s a sweet, fruity crowd-pleaser type of scent. I also think there’s some confusion about this one online. Sometimes it’s listed as a Lucky Brand scent. Other times, it’s listed as being by Liz Claiborne.

This is an ultra-safe scent, and that’s not a bad thing. Cheep & cheerful. It smells like plum and neroli over amber and spice. Maybe there’s some sandalwood in there too. I give it a thumbs up without hesitation.

I really don’t care for this at all. I made a blind buy because I figured, “heck, it’s only $15.” Well, I want my $15 back. The sprayer is also one of the worst ever. Of the colognes I have owned, this is on par with Lacoste Essential for lowest yield per spray ever. The longevity is terrible, the projection is also not good. This is almost a skin scent for me, even with spraying 7 sprays all over my torso. It lasts like 2 hours, tops. It’s also extremely synthetic smelling, which isn’t always a bad thing but here I just don’t find the synthetic plum, or whatever is supposed to be, charming in the least.

Yeah, I don’t get the comparisons with Fahrenheit or Grey Flannel either.

For the price, Lucky Number 6 for Men is a decent fresh/fruity oriental. It lasts a good amount of time and projects nicely. That’s about it, kids.

Boring, Indefensible Dreck.

Lucky Number 6 is a mundane “fresh oriental.” It stays in very safe territory and there are also some annoying “sweeter” notes that obnoxiously sneak around whilst you go about your day. I thought I’d learned my lesson about blind buying, but apparently some good reviews, a pretty bottle, and a nice price turn me into a ten year old at Gamestop.

If you’re already on this site scouting for scents, then you are well past this amateur concoction.

I bought this cologne because I read an article where B List celebrity women (I think one was Howard Stern’s girlfriend, Beth Ostrosky and there may have been a Playboy Playmate or Porno Star reviewing) rated men’s colognes based on sexiness and this one was at the top of the list. I did notice however, that they were a featured advertiser in that month’s magazine, so maybe it was all BS.

I am not really all that pleased with this fragrance. It smells very different from when you first spray it on than it does when it dries down. It is a very exotic Oriental smelling cologne. Very heavy on the Vanilla scent. I can’t smell the notes of Cherry Blossom. But Oriental Wood and Musk are present. This is a very sweet smelling cologne and I’d almost think it was a perfume if I smelled it for the first time without knowing which sex it was designed for.

Still, I hear a lot of people get good compliments on it. I have not, personally but on dry down I think it smells too sweet on me. The bottle looks nice. Overall, I’d keep it around because it is a unique, exotic scent and I think it would be best when worn close range on a date. If a girl was snuggling up to you, I am sure she would fell warmed by this scent. It might not be strong enough to get noticed when worn outside of a close range date.

This is definately not a scent for everyone. Try it first and walk around with it before buying it. This shouldn’t be an impulse buy. You can find this for $15 at TJ Maxx because it was not a big seller in the department stores.

Reviews of Lucky Number 6 for Men by Lucky Brand This fragrance I’ve been a fan of for the past 11 years now.Not that I’ve ever worn with this all the time without a change of pace. but I really

Lucky Number 6

General Analysis

People with the lucky number 6 are sentimental. They usually contribute too much to maintain a relationship, so they become very fragile as the relationship ends. To some degree, they are considered as the completists. As well as that, they are responsible and serve people well with all their heart and soul. If their friends are faced with difficulties or have a lot of complaint, they would never hesitate to act as good listeners.

Strong points: They are willing to do anything they can to present how they love their families. They always hold strong responsibility and humanity. Selflessness, sympathy, loyalty and consideration to other people make them have many friends. Therefore, these friends often ask him or her for help. They operate everything well and are regarded as the most trustworthy people. Moreover, they are brilliant, thoughtful and meticulous in handling the daily affairs. The typical characteristics of people with the lucky number 6 are being pure in the heart and noble in their morality.

Weak points: They tend to pursue the fairness, but usually superficially instead of essentially. It seems that they are judged uncompetitive. Sadly, they don’t think so, thus gradually they become a little arrogant and hot-headed. In the eyes of people around, they are too rash to figure out a solution. Furthermore, they are nosy, picky and gossipy.

Romantic Relationship

They always have pious faith in love, so they are born to pursue a real and steady life. Sometimes, people compare them to Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai for the continuous pursuit of love. The touching love story between Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai happened in the ancient China. It is similar to the story of Romeo and Juliet created by William Shakespeare. Both the girl and the guy in the love story end with death for their eternal love.

Due to the ever-lasting seeking for love, people with the lucky number 6 take their relationship very seriously once in a love affair. Actually, they pay a lot to maintain the relationship at the expense of energy, time and money, never considering whether it is worth or not. Due to too much passion, their lovers often feel smothered and finally leave without hesitation. However, in face of the separation, they usually totally end their feelings and then seek a new passion. Therefore, they should realize the importance of personal space in the relationship.

No. 6 in Chinese Culture

Chinese people take Six (六) as a fortunate number mainly meaning smooth or well-off. In Chinese “六六大顺” means that everything is going smoothly. In choosing the telephone numbers and the vehicle identification numbers, people often prefer a number including 6. Besides, there is even an interesting tradition about 6 in some areas of China: when a man wants to get married with a girl, he has to present the betrothal gift to the girl’s family. The gift is usually some money: CNY 6,666 or CNY 66,666. People consider that the fortunate money account can help to bless the new couple a harmonious and happy life. When a person comes across his or her 66th birthday, it should be grandly celebrated, as Chinese people hold a generally-accepted opinion that if a person lives to 66 years old, he is doomed to be longevous.

Additionally, 6 has a wide use in China history. For example, Chinese Classical Six Arts refer to Etiquette, Music, Archery, Riding, Writing, and Mathematics. Six Kinfolks refer to father, mother, brother, sister, wife and children.

People with the lucky number 6 are sentimental. They usually contribute a lot in maintaining a relationship. Chinese take 6 as a fortunate number mainly meaning smooth or well-off. ]]>