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Lucky 7 Tapas Bar

Spanish Restaurants in Manhattan (Washington Heights)

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Seriously, the WORST. The service is so bad. We were the first party to arrive, the only portion of the restaurant that was occupied was the bar downstairs. After waiting 20 min. to be seated upstairs it took an additional 15 min. to receive the menu’s. The  waitress was an idiot who lacked common sense. The food arrived without our drinks & we had to ask for water for the time being.

-The food is generic like they microwaved it in the back.
-The drinks are not potent
– The staff lacks professionalism

After dinner, we ordered the package that comes with a cake, bottle service & hookah. The cake arrived with no utensils or plates! The waitress was inhospitable & told us
that she could not provide us with the basic necessities to consume a cake! That was the straw that broke the camels back!

I explained my concerns to the manager which to no surprise just as unprofessional as his colleagues. He snickered and rolled his eyes while I was politely addressing my concerns & disappointment with the lack of service.

There are many other hangouts that deserve your business instead of this monstrosity. Skip this place and find something better .

I wish I could give this place a ZERO star. I ordered 2 Long Island Iced Tea. The bartender was nice but made a ominous mistake. SHE GAVE ME BACK THE WRONG CREDIT CARD. She found me in the audience and gave me back my card -which I appreciated- yet the problem lies that she charged MY CARD with the others persons drinks which was TRIPLE what I ordered. I waited until the charge cleared out. After numerous attempts of trying to have someone look into the mistake, no one ever gave me a straight clear answer, I decided to go in person, when I went there, the manager in TURN Mateo was absolutely USELESS. Took copies of the receipt and said that someone was going to give me a call on the matter. I tried calling back and no one EVER picked up the phone. And OF COURSE! no one ever called me back. I am pretty sure. I shall never set foot here again.

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Fully guided Queens Lucky 7 Tour

  • Cost: $175.00 Price: $129.00
  • Tour Length: Approx. 6 Hrs

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**Currently Only Offered on a Private Basis**

Manhattan is known as The Disney World for adults and Queens has become known to be like Epcot Center for adults. Come see what all the buzz is about. Queens was picked as the Number 1 Must See Destination by Lonely Planet, The New York Times, and Conde Nast Traveler. After this tour, you will learn all there is to love about Queens including The Queens Museum, Mets Stadium, The US Open Tennis Center, and tour various international neighborhoods. You will be picked up in a state of the art vehicle in Midtown (Or Queens Hotels by request), shown around Queens’s many diverse ethnic neighborhoods, and hop on board the iconic 7 Subway Train that travels 4 stories above Roosevelt Avenue and Queens Boulevard. The 7 Train was designated as a National Historic Trail by President Bill Clinton and is the only “living” historic trail.

The first half of the tour in the luxury vehicle will take guests to Long Island City, Astoria, Flushing and then drop off guests for a variety of lunch options in Jackson Heights (Indian, Sushi, Colombian, Italian, Ecuadorian or Thai). After lunch, guests will be escorted on the 7 Train at 74th Street heading back to Manhattan and making stops along the way to show guests the “Lay of the Land”. From the perspective of the elevated train, as well as lifted stations, guests are treated to a fascinating history and “local” overview of Queens that is both informative and authentic.Fast and fun, the Queens Lucky 7 Subway Tour aims to give you a complete overview of Queens where you would be comfortable to come back and even possibly move there.

Queens is a beautiful and authentic view of what New York City was like before it’s gentrification.

During the tour you will visit Long Island City, Astoria, Kaufman Studios Steinway Piano Factory , Flushing – Real China Town, Queens Museum & The NYC Diorama , Queens Unisphere, Citi Field Mets Stadium, US Open Forest Hills Tennis Center, Carona, Jackson Heights, Woodside , Sunnyside.

With the tour billed as being “Lucky”, guests will each be given a fortune cookie and encouraged to play the lotto numbers that day inside their fortune cookie. The Queens “Lucky 7 Subway Tour” is the most entertaining and fresh way for visitors to enjoy all of what Queens has to offer; whether you are visiting New York internationally or a city local this tour will give you the historic and current news on a borough whose diverse culture and art is still exuberant, you just need to know where to look.

The tour is also available on a private basis.

Manhattan tour is An incredible & unique experience,you will visit some of the iconic sites of ManhattanTour Included Gourmet lunch,Luxury vehicle and more