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Lotto Tools

Choose from nine unique tools to help you get the edge on the Lotto game. These tools can help you develop a statistical based strategy. Try each one and experiment to see which one suits you.

Number Generator

Our Lotto Number Generator uses our own secret formula to pick your numbers for you.

Number Analysis

One of our most powerful tools, Lotto Number Analysis shows you a wealth of info about each ball.

Number Checker

Lotto Number Checker checks your numbers against past draws to see if you’ve won and if so, how much.

Most Common Pairs

See which numbers come out together most often with our Lotto Most Common Pairs tool.

Numbers Most Drawn

Lotto Numbers Most Drawn shows the most frequent balls picked throughout the history of the game.

Most Common Triplets

Three’s not a crowd in our Lotto Most Common Triplets tool, which is dedicated to balls that come in threes most often.

Numbers Last Seen

See which balls have been drawn most recently with our Lotto Numbers Last Seen tool.

Skip and Hit Predictions

Check the top of our Lotto Skip and Hit Predictions table to see which balls have been ‘hiding’ the longest.

Number Buddies

See which balls come out most often with the one you choose, with our Lotto Number Buddies tool., 2020 © Lotto Logic LTD., All Rights Reserved. is not associated, affiliated nor endorsed by New Zealand Lotteries Commission, Camelot Group PLC, The National Lottery Commission, Services Aux Loteries en Europe SCRL or the Multi-State Lottery Association. Read our terms and conditions here.

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Our range of Lotto Powerball tools help you to dissect previous draws so that you can strategically pick your numbers for future draws.

Powerball Lottery Tools

Our unique range of Powerball tools help you to check past results and pick your numbers for future draws as well as everything in-between.

Based on previous draw data you can analyse overdue numbers, those drawn most often, common pairs and trios or use our Number Investigator tool to sift through the data in even more detail.

Common Combos

Which numbers are drawn together most often? Common Combos shows you the pairs that have come out most in the past.

Our Powerball tools use the latest technologies to analyse thousands of numbers from Powerball lottery draws. Results are presented in ten easy to use tools. ]]>