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Amazing Lottery Ticket Tree Gift Ideas to Blow an Avid Lotto Player’s Mind!

How many times have you wondered what to gift to a person who absolutely loves to play the lottery? I’ve seen wives getting lottery cakes, lottery gift wrappers on gifts, and even hand painted lottery shirts (and lingerie!), but that’s old school! Let’s be practical, it’s 2014, who cares for lottery cakes these days? And lottery-designed lingerie, with cards and numbers all over you? That’s not cool or sexy in any possible way! Let’s look at things that will really blow their minds!

#1 The Lottery Ticket Bouquet

Made with dollar tree items, this big boy contains foam, carnations, garland and bow all in one pot and guess what the lottery tickets are taped to bamboo skewers! For a mere $30 this lottery gift will bring a smile on a lottery lover’s face!

#2 Golf Balls and Lottery Ticket Tree

Okay, maybe a bouquet is not your thing and you want to gift him/her a lottery ticket tree instead! Why don’t you grab this amazing tree made with golf balls and lottery tickets then? It probably won’t grow, but it’s sure going to look as good as it did when you first brought it home!

#3 Lottery Ticket and Cash Tree

Who says money can’t grow on trees! It can if you stick them there with your favorite lottery tickets! Let your awesome lottery gift be the envy of your friends and neighbors, of course don’t leave it outside!

#4 Beer, Candy and Lottery Ticket Cake

This isn’t some cake with lottery ticket designed on it! This is what you call a birthday cake for your favorite someone. Beer cans all the way up, decorated with candies and lottery tickets, wrapped with colorful ribbons to keep everything in place. What a cool way to celebrate a birthday, I say!

#5 Scratch Lottery Ticket Tree

Get down to business with this lottery gift! With over 125 scratch lottery tickets decorated as leaves, this tree is definitely going to have some big winners in there! Grab a vase, put some skewers, take your scratch lottery tickets and stick them nice and tight. Wait, scratch them and be surprised!

#6 Lottery Christmas Tree

This Christmas you don’t need to go out looking for your perfect Christmas tree! Get a colorful Christmas tree and decorate it with as many lottery tickets as you can afford, who knows, you might win everything back!

#7 Money Tree with Lottery Gifts

Okay, if you can’t find a Christmas tree to decorate, how about making your own Christmas tree with money? Money doesn’t grow on trees, true, but a tree can be made by money! The icing on the cake is when you have gift boxes that have lottery tickets! What a super cool way to celebrate Christmas, don’t you think?

#8 Lottery Holder Display

What something different? How about a lottery holder display? All you need is a wired photo holder to display all your lottery tickets! A cool lottery gift to an organized lottery lover!

#9 Lottery and Money Umbrella

Want to shower your loved ones with a little fun and happiness? Take an umbrella; fill it up with gift cards, lottery tickets and money, wrap and surprise! Just make sure they open the umbrella in the house, not outside or the surprise will be on you!

This time surprise your loved ones with these amazing lottery gifts to make their day! You never know, maybe the lottery tickets you buy may turn out to be winning tickets and then guess what; whatever you’re celebrating will double in happiness, joy, love and smiles! Not to forget excitement, thrills, shocks and shivers!

Want to grab your crush's attention? If your crush loves playing the lotto as much as you do, these lottery ticket gift ideas will definitely win you a hug!

Gift Tree


Gift trees can be filled with a variety of times such as lottery tickets, gift cards, money or photos.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • Container – we used a glass bowl but you could also use a pot
  • Stones – Small decorative stones work best
  • Curling ribbon in two colors
  • Stapler
  • Small branch with several smaller branches coming off of it
  • Lottery tickets, cash, gift cards or photos

The instructions are given for the Lottery Tree but suggestions for how to attach money, gift cards, and photos are at the bottom of the instructions.

Craft Instructions

If you cannot find a suitable branch, you can use a pre made tree from the craft store. Skip to step #2 if you are using a pre made tree.

  1. Fill your container with the stones and insert the branch into the center of the stone filled container.
  2. Cut two 12″ pieces of curling ribbon, one of each color.
  3. Lay one piece directly on top of the other and place the two of them on the lottery ticket. Line the edge of the ribbon up with the top of the ticket. Having an even amount of ribbon extending on each side of the ticket staple the center of the ribbon to the ticket.
  4. Repeat for each of the lottery tickets.
  5. Tie each of the tickets to a different branch on the tree.
  6. Curl the ends of the ribbon with a pair of scissors.

You can transform your “Lottery Tree” into any type of “Gift Tree” by changing what you attach to the tree.

Some other great ideas for gift trees are:

  • Money Tree – Start on the short end of a dollar bill and accordion fold the bill. Once folded, tie curling ribbon around the center and tie it to the tree curling the ends of the ribbon.
  • Gift Card Tree – Buy a variety of gift cards and hang them on the tree. If they are on a cardboard holder with a hole in it, you can hang it by the hole. If not, tape a piece of ribbon onto the gift card and use the ribbon to tie it on the tree.
  • Picture Tree – Make a family tree or any type of photo tree. To attach the pictures, punch a small hole at the top of the photo. Fold a 12″ piece of thin fabric ribbon, curling ribbon or raffia in half. Put the fold of the ribbon through the hole. This will form a loop. Then, pass the ends of the ribbon through the loop and gently pull. Now you can tie the photo onto the tree by the ribbon. If you don’t want to make a hole in the photo, tape a piece of ribbon to the back of the photo instead.

Idea: At Christmas time, if giving a lottery or other gift tree, use a branch from an evergreen.

Tip: If the ticket is too large to hang from a branch or if you want it to stay in a particular spot, tape a branch to the back of the ticket.

Gift Tree Description Gift trees can be filled with a variety of times such as lottery tickets, gift cards, money or photos. Materials and Supplies Craft Supplies: Container ]]>