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Winning The Lottery Success Stories (And The Law Of Attraction)

Many people are drawn to the Law of Attraction because of a desire for financial abundance. However, if you’re like most people, your hopes might be mixed with some underlying skepticism about whether you’ll ever be able to achieve anything significant using your manifestation techniques. Since experts agree that your deepest feelings influence whether you can attract the things you desire, it’s important to find ways of becoming truly open to what the Law of Attraction can offer you.

One of the best things you can do is read and listen to the most exciting success stories! What’s more exciting than the life-changing event of winning the lottery? While we explore the most amazing, positive lottery success stories, we’ll look at how you can import some of the most important lessons into your own life. As you’ll see, there is no manifestation goal so large and transformative that you can’t achieve it.

Manifesting A Lottery Jackpot?

You might be thinking it’s virtually impossible to manifest a lottery win. There’s barely any point in trying to do it, right? Instead, you might be tempted to set a truly minimal financial goal, such as having enough to get by or to pay off some debts. While these changes may be sufficient to make you happier and will certainly open doors that are helpful to you, why stop there?

The truth is that moving towards the goal of attracting wealth is just like any other piece of manifestation work, and the sky is the limit. Although you might see abundance manifestation as different and as inherently higher risk, it requires much the same process of visualizing, affirming, aligning yourself with your desired ends and transforming your limiting beliefs. If you rigorously follow the basic steps of manifestation, you can completely transform your financial situation.

Some of the most successful Law of Attraction practitioners began with nothing at all! So, don’t doubt your abilities to make money or question whether you deserve abundance. Attracting wealth is genuinely possible, and the skills that you learn as part of the process will serve you well in meeting your future goals as well.

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5 Lottery Winners Who Used The Law Of Attraction

As noted at the outset, there are documented lottery winners who have used the Law of Attraction to get to where they are today.

Let’s take a closer look at the specifics of their stories! Plus, we will explore how they went from having an average life to successfully winning the lottery using The Law Of Attraction. If you find one of these stories particularly inspiring, come back to it on a weekly basis to remind yourself of what you’re working to achieve. Alternatively, put a small part of the story on a manifestation dream board.

1. Neal Wanless

Neal Wanless chose a set of Powerball numbers aged just 23. He subsequently won $232.1 million.

There are a few aspects of his story that are particularly relevant to manifesting the kind of major abundance that is in play when manifesting lottery jackpot results.

Firstly, he chose his numbers in a town called Winning! This underlines how important it can be to take action in places that you already associate with abundance. Factors like this maximize your chances of aligning yourself with your desired outcome.

Secondly, it’s worth noting that he picked a range of birth dates associated with people who were important to him. Again, here you can see an unconscious positive association between Neal and the numbers. This is precisely the kind of association that maximizes the chances of success.

In addition, Neal chose to keep on living his normal life while he processed his life-changing win. This is very much in line with the Law of Attraction advice; make peace with the life you have and to focus on what is good about it rather than what is lacking.

When he finally claimed his money he was able to resolve a range of debts and financial worries for himself and his wider family.

2. Cynthia P. Stafford

One of the most famous cautionary lottery success stories is that of Cynthia P. Stafford. She won a staggering $112 million when she took part in the California Mega Millions lottery in 2008. She is sometimes described as the paradigm example of a lottery winner.

In terms of net worth, Cynthia Stafford’s life changed overnight. She used her winnings to invest in her long-term dream of starting her own film production company.

However, she ultimately became bankrupt. After becoming a lottery winner, Cynthia found she wasn’t able to accept her newfound wealth. Consequently, she lost her fortune.

What can we learn from this shocking experience of attracting abundance? After becoming a lottery winner, Cynthia realized that she wasn’t “mentally prepared” for the influx of money. The crucial lesson here is that you have to spend time developing an image of yourself as a rich, well-adjusted person. If you don’t examine the parts of you that feel negatively about money or that don’t believe it is your right to be abundant, even a major win can lead to an eventual downfall.

Be honest with yourself in your Law of Attraction work; self-knowledge is a necessary ingredient of success.

3. Pearlie Mae Smith

On a happier note, consider the lottery winner Pearlie Mae Smith. Along with her seven children, she ended up with a huge $429.6 million after taking part in the Powerball. This made their win the largest in New Jersey.

However, instead of keeping all of this newfound abundance to themselves, Pearlie Mae Smith and her family decided that they would invest 10% of their lottery win in a quest to help others, especially those connecting with their church. They have been supporting their community ever since. They view their success as a means to the end of spreading happiness, faith, and well-being.

One aspect of this story that is worth thinking about is the underlying narrative of a further goal. When you aim for abundance, ask yourself why you are doing so. Make sure the end is something that feels good.

For example, if you just want to belittle your neighbors or make your ex regret ending your relationship, you’re starting your journey toward abundance from a place of lack and resentment. What good will come from your wealth, both for yourself and for others?

Once you can answer this question, the resulting positivity will infuse every part of your Law of Attraction process.

4. Melodia Harris

Among the other lottery winners who used the Law of Attraction techniques is Melodia Harris.

Harris specifically credits the relevant exercises and techniques as helping her reach her goal. She won a Georgia Lottery prize of $745,710 when she was in her early 30s, picking all five correct numbers. When asked about this experience, she noted that she had been saying for years that she would win. In addition, she had been steadfastly visualizing a win in the way recommended by Law of Attraction experts.

Like Pearlie Mae Harris, she also planned to use a substantial portion of new newfound riches to help others in her community. She also is paying off her own remaining debts.

Whenever you feel impatient or wonder whether your manifestation work will ever pay off, think back to the case of Melodia Harris. She diligently practiced creative visualization for years, believing that it would eventually work, and the same can be true of you.

Often, you’ll only reach your goal at the time that is right for you; many factors influence whether now is that time. Trust that abundance will find you precisely when you need it. Plus, don’t lose hope or energy in your manifestation journey.

5. Shane Missler

The last in our series of lottery manifestation stories comes from Shane Missler.

Missler experienced his world-altering win at the young age of 20! He had a long history of carefully and patiently saving for things he wanted, such as a Subaru car. Plus, he is quoted as saying that a mindset of positivity played a pivotal role in getting him to where he is today.

In addition, while many people his age might be tempted to spend extravagantly, Shane Missler is looking forward to his future. He has paid his winnings into a trust fund (while also using some of his money to help out his family).

Along with the obvious message here that a positive mindset always wins the day, notice that Shane Missler (like Pearlie Mae Smith) has thought beyond the initial goal of attaining abundance and has greater aims in mind. When you visualize attracting money, make sure you spend time visualizing all the different ways in which this will change your life for the better, and all the further doors will unlock for you.

When you couple a positive attitude like Shane Missler’s with a mature, detailed vision of the future, you align yourself with a vibration of ultimate success.

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8 Lottery Winner Success Stories That Will Inspire You to Buy a Ticket

Lottery Winners Used Their Jackpot to Change Their Lives and Communities

If you’ve read the stories about lottery curse victims, you might worry that buying a lottery ticket isn’t worth it. Who wants to risk winning a Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot when there is a chance that your windfall will end up in suicide, murder, or financial ruin?

Luckily, while there are many people who don’t know how to handle a sudden windfall, there are even more lottery winners who use their winnings to make a positive difference in their lives and their communities. Here are seven lottery success stories that will inspire you to buy a ticket.

1. A Powerball Jackpot Lets a Cowboy Keep Ranching

Things were looking bad for 23-year-old Neal Wanless back in 2009. The down-on-his-luck cowboy was behind on his property taxes, couldn’t make basic repairs around the ranch, and was trying to sell scrap metal for a little bit of extra cash. He was one of the poorest ranchers in Todd County, South Dakota, which is already one of the least prosperous areas in America.

On a feed run to a local town (prophetically named Winner), Neal decided to take a risk and spend a little of his hard-earned cash on a Powerball ticket. He spent $5 on five plays and selected numbers from family members’ birth dates.

That risk paid off when he won one of the biggest Powerball jackpots in history. After taxes, the lump-sum payment ended up being about $88.5 million.

Neal Wanless said he was going to continue to work the ranch, but he’d put also put part of the money to work helping others in his community. “That’s just the way it is in this part of the state, people help people, we know one another,” said Timothy Grablander, mayor of the town where Wanless’ ranch is located.

2. A Single Mother of Five Wins a Life-Changing Powerball Jackpot

When Cynthia P. Stafford’s brother was killed by a drunk driver, she took in his five children, raising them as a single mother. As if that weren’t enough, she also helped her father make ends meet.

In January of 2007, money was tight. She was living with her large family in a thousand-square-foot house, struggling to pay the bills and dreaming of winning the lottery. Not just any lottery, either: a $112 million jackpot. And that’s exactly what she did.

In 2004, the number, “$112 million,” popped into Stafford’s head. She started focusing on winning that exact amount.

She used several methods to attract luck including sleeping with the number on a note under her pillow, meditating on winning a $112 million jackpot, and visualizing how it would feel once she won.

In an amazing stroke of luck, three years later, Stafford walked away with the exact jackpot she had dreamed of winning.

Cynthia Stafford credits the law of attraction and prayer for her prize, which let her tackle her family’s financial problems and even start a film company so that she could follow her dream career.

If you’re wondering how she did it, Stafford bought tickets just a couple of times a month, and she picked whichever numbers came into her head at the moment. She still buys lottery tickets every week, in the hope of becoming one of the rare multiple-jackpot winners.

3. Mega Millions Winners Honor Their Parents With a Splash Park

When John and Linda Kutey’s office lottery pool won one of Mega Millions’ biggest jackpots, the Kuteys knew that they wanted to pay respect to their parents by doing something for their community. So they went to the Green Island village hall and asked how they could help.

The answer was to help renovate a local park, replacing an older wading pool with a modern spray park.

The spray park gives local children a place to cool off in the summer, and it didn’t cost the taxpayers a cent. The Kuteys not only donated the new equipment but also everything needed to install it.

The Kuteys were also able to make some personal improvements with the lottery money. John Kutey was able to leave his job working for New York State Homes and he and his wife moved to a beautiful house in Florida where they could show off Linda’s Disney collection.

Even though the after-tax take-home value of the prize was “only” $19 million, the Kutey’s were able to help themselves and the people around them.

4. Family of Jackpot Winners Joins Together to Improve Their City

Pearlie Mae Smith raised her seven children to be aware of how important it is to give back to their community, and those children grew up volunteering in soup kitchens and working in community gardens.

So when the family won a $429 million Powerball jackpot, it was clear to them that they wanted to use this windfall to do even more good for the people around them who weren’t so lucky.

Although the huge lottery jackpot was split evenly among the eight family members, not all of them quit their jobs. One daughter, for example, decided to continue with her work mentoring other women, and now had the cash to help fund the program.

The family started the Smith Family Foundation to provide funding for grassroots organizations who were working to improve the lives of people in their hometown of Trenton, New Jersey. The foundation’s priorities include education, neighborhood development, Christian education, and supporting youth and families in the Trenton area.

5. School Teacher Uses Jackpot Money to Bring Joy to Children

Les Robins was a high school teacher who thought it was a shame that kids today don’t grow up doing the kinds of activities he himself had enjoyed as a child: going to camp, swimming, playing sports, and exploring the outdoors.

So when he won a $111 million Powerball jackpot, Robins decided to use the funds to create his own camp to bring joy to kids.

Robins founded Camp Winnegator on 226 acres that he bought with his lottery money, and it operated for over a decade. It provided children a low-cost place to go in the summer where they could horseback ride, craft, swim, and play on the lake. Best of all, the kids had a chance to disconnect from video games and cell phones and get in touch with nature and their real-life friends.

6. Florida Lottery Winner Leaves a Legacy of Good Works Behind

Sheelah Ryan won $52 million in the Florida State Lottery, which at the time was the biggest individual lottery jackpot ever won. She then spent the last years of her life giving it away.

As many lottery winners have said, she felt that she had won the money for a reason, and that reason was to help others. She created a charitable group to help organizations that provide aid for the underprivileged.

Ryan only had six years to enjoy her winnings before dying of cancer, but The Ryan Foundation outlasted her, continuing to give grants to organizations that built low-cost housing, helped children who in need of operations they couldn’t afford, and aided senior citizens, especially in her home of Seminole County, Florida.

7. Powerball Winners Use Their Jackpot to Fight the Disease That Killed Their Granddaughter

When Paul and Sue Rosenau won $181.2 million from a Powerball drawing in 2008, they knew exactly what they wanted to do with the money. See, they had bought their winning ticket five years to the day that their granddaughter, Makayla, died of a rare and incurable disease.

Krabbe Disease affects only one out of about 100,000 newborns, so it doesn’t receive the funding that many more common diseases do. It’s a devastating, degenerative illness that attacks the lining of the nerves and usually results in death within the first two years.

Paul and Sue Rosenau founded The Legacy of Angels to increase awareness of the disease and to help fund promising research into treatment and cures. Sue and Paul Rosenau serve on the foundation’s board of directors, hoping to save other families from the pain they experienced.

8. Man Donates Lottery Jackpot to Fight Disease That Killed His Wife

Most people who win the lottery make plans to quit their job, travel the world, or buy a new house or car. But when Tom Crist won $40 million in a Canadian lottery, he had a very different idea. He donated every single dollar to fight the disease that killed his wife.  

Two years earlier, Tom had lost his wife of 44 years, Jan, to cancer. He was retired, had money saved up, and his adult children were doing well. So he decided not to keep any of it for himself at all.

He donated the entire lump sum (and in Canada, lottery winnings aren’t taxed!) to a cancer charity in Calgary. His kids totally supported the idea.


As you can see, many lottery winners are able to do a lot of good with their prizes, both for themselves and for the people around them. There’s no reason why a jackpot has to make you the target of a curse, in fact, in some states you can remain anonymous.

Remember, though, that while the lottery curse is no good reason to avoid picking up a ticket, the risk of losing your money might well be. Buying lottery tickets should only be done for fun and to have a dream of winning, not as a serious way to make money or save for retirement. If you can’t afford to lose the money you are spending on your tickets, it’s best not to play.

Eight heart-warming and inspirational lottery success stories of jackpot winners who changed their lives and the lives of people in their community.