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    Choose winning lottery numbers with the Delta system

    The Delta method is a statistical method that can be applied to games of chance such as lotteries. If you’re a regular player and you’re looking for a new way of picking your numbers, try Analysis Lotto, a software program to help you pick a winning combination.

    There’s some complicated statistical reasoning behind Analysis Lotto, and not everyone will want to get into the nitty-gritty. If you are interested, the software developer provides good information on his website, and the program itself features both a quick start guide and tutorial for users who are new to the program.

    Analysis Lotto is not a sophisticated-looking program, and it crashed badly on one occasion while I was using it. Even so, it is easy to use, with clear visualization of your numbers. These numbers can be taken from a number of statistical method, not just Delta. Analysis Lotto comes with a lot of real-life lottery and keno games and past results already available, but it’s easy to add a new game, even though this does involve manually entering the parameters.

    Analysis Lotto also allows you to batch import numbers from other games, which cuts down on some of the work. It also allows you to print reports, which will allow you to study the numbers in even greater detail. Ultimately it would take some time to see if Analysis Lotto does its job accurately. Even so, during our test period it seemed to be a reliable piece of software with good number generation variables.

    Analysis Lotto allows you to perfect your lottery numbers with the Delta methods and more.

    Good getting-started material

    Use various prediction systems

    Not many configuration options

    People unused to lotto methods might find it confusing

    Analysis Lotto, free and safe download. Analysis Lotto latest version: Choose winning lottery numbers with the Delta system.