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Little Lotto – 50/50 Club

Play our Little Lottery for your chance to win a slice of the prize money.

Being almost entirely reliant on voluntary income to safeguard our vital service into the future, you joining the Little Lotto 50/50 club will certainly help us.

While not as big as the major lotteries and the prize money is not as big, by taking part in our lottery you do know that your money is directly helping children and young people with Down Syndrome have a better future.

What you need to know
  • Tickets for the Little Lotto 50/50 club cost £1 each.
  • You can buy as many as you like on a recurring monthly basis.
  • The draw is held monthly.
  • The prizes are awarded:
    • First Prize 50% of total prize fund
    • Second Prize 30% of total prize fund
    • Third prize 20% of total prize fund

A single play each month will cost just £1, and your unique lottery number will be entered into the monthly draw. You are automatically notified if you win – you do not have to make a claim.

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