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USA Online Keno

Play online Keno for real money at any of the below USA online casinos. Play real money online Keno and have a chance at winning some huge sums of money. Below are the best USA Keno online casinos and by using one of our links to sign up you can claim a great bonus. Pick the right numbers and win hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Best USA Online Keno Casinos

The Lucky Red casino is our all around best USA online casino and that does not change for playing online keno for real money. Lucky Red has been in business since 2004 and is one of the most reputable and safest online casinos available. Sign up at Lucky Red and play USA online keno for real money as well other casino games, slots and video poker machines online. Lucky Red has a great selection of games and slots and offers great USA banking options. Get USA deposits approved easily and receive withdraws quickly. If you want to play USA online keno, the Lucky Red Casino is our top choice but all the USA online casinos above are safe and reputable places to play.

How to Play Online Keno

Online Keno is an easy game to play and requires little skill but a decent amount of luck to hit a large winning card. In keno you simply pick a series of numbers which you think will be drawn by the Keno machine. The more numbers you pick correctly the more you win. You can choose from picking as little as 1 number up to 15 or more numbers and everything in between. One nice feature in Keno is that you do not need to hit every number you pick in order to win. As long as you pick a few of the winning numbers you will still win but obviously the more numbers you have correct the more you win.

To play USA online keno for real money choose from one of our top recommended online casinos above. After you sign up and fund your account choose “Keno” in the casino lobby. Many times Keno is found under “Specialty Games” or “Other Games” so you may need to look around a little in order to find the game.

Once you open the game you will see the Keno board which consists of the numbers 1 through 80. The goal of the game is pick the same numbers as drawn by the game and by doing so you win. How and why you pick your numbers is a personal preference and many players choose their numbers by playing birthdays, anniversaries, ages, lucky numbers or some combination of numbers which mean something to them. There is also a “Quick Pick” feature where the computer will choose your Keno numbers for you.

Once you have the numbers you want to play, then choose how much you want to play per game. Depending on the online casino, you play anywhere between $1 per game to $50 per game. Once you have the amount you want to bet click “Play” and the computer will start to draw the winning numbers. As the numbers are drawn the board will light up showing the winning numbers and highlight the numbers you have matched. Twenty numbers are drawn in all and again, the more numbers you match the more you win.

Once the game is over you are paid your winnings and the next Keno game is ready to start. You can use the same numbers game after game or change your numbers anytime you want. The games are “Dummy Proof” meaning you do not have realize you have won to be paid. If you have matched enough winning numbers to win you will be paid automatically.

Get Started Playing Keno Online

Get started playing USA Keno online for real money and have a chance at winning a nice jackpot. Online Keno is a fun game where you determine whether you win by choosing the correct numbers. Once you have picked your numbers you are ready to play. Just sit back and watch as the game unfolds and hopefully your Keno numbers are drawn.

Be sure to use one of our links to visit the USA online Keno casino of your choice in order to be eligible for the best bonuses being offered. Once you have made your first deposit, be sure to check the current promotions page at the casino before making subsequent deposits. If you play a lot of online Keno many times there are bonuses specific for Keno where you can claim a higher percentage match or more money than the standard re-load bonus being offered.

You can play online keno for real money by downloading any of the real money online casinos above or by using the no download, instant play software. All the above USA online Keno casinos offer a great instant play experience, and if you want to use your mobile to play you can do so using the no download software. Lucky Red offers a great no download casino where you can play instant play keno online or see all the USA no download online casinos we recommend.

Play at the best USA Keno online casinos. Play USA online Keno for real money at the best casinos. Learn to play and claim a great bonus.

Online Keno | A Complete Guide

Online Keno is very similar to the game you find at land-based casinos and bars across the US. It provides the same gameplay and rules that gamblers know and love. Many casino sites offer the game as an option in the specialty section.

This online Keno guide will explain the rules, how to play, and some basic strategies. We’ll also give you OUSC’s list of the best online casinos with Keno for USA players. You’ll get everything you need to play for real money and win big.

Online Keno
Everything You Need to Know

How to Play Keno

How to Play Keno Video Tutorial

Best Online Keno Casinos

Online Keno Games

Top Online Keno Casinos

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How to Play Keno at an Online Casino

When it comes to online keno, it is important to know how to play the game. Because you are playing for real money, you can lose if you do not fully understand what to do to play. If you don’t know how to play, chances are, you will lose your bet.

Below we’ve listed a step by step guide of how to play keno.

Place Your Initial Wager

Choose a betting amount for each online Keno draw you want to play. You can change this amount between draws.

Select Your Favorite Numbers

Choose your lucky numbers. Some game variants have an auto picker that will choose them for you.

Define How Many Draws

Some online Keno games let you play a set of numbers for more than one round at a time. This option makes playing more efficient if you always pick the same lucky numbers.

Watching The Draw

Click play, and the game will start calling numbers at random. Sit back with your fingers crossed and hope you match a few.

Winning Payouts

The computer will tally your results instantaneously. The more numbers you hit, the larger your payout.

Video Tutorial | How to Play Keno

In this video, we’ll look at the basics of online Keno to get you started.

Play Keno Online at the Best US Casinos

Gamblers in the US have options when it comes to playing Keno online. Unlike land-based games, there’s no need to fill out a paper ticket with a pencil. So, get ready to wager real money, pick your lucky numbers, and enjoy the draws from your home’s comfort.

Best Online Keno Casinos

OUSC’s experts go to great lengths to find amazing online casinos for US players. Below we list some of the top options specifically for Keno.

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3 El Royale Casino 2 250% up to $12,500 Play Now
4 Red Dog Casino 1 225% up to $12,250 Play Now
5 Wild Casino 2 100% up to $5,000 Play Now

Keno Games Online

Keno is a game of chance and just like the lottery, you never know if you will win or lose. You have an exciting game that costs very little but can be quite rewarding. Playing these games is not only fun, but it can also provide an amazing gambling experience. You can win real money, play multiple games at once, and enjoy it’s simple gameplay, with excellent animations and sound effects.

Online Keno Game Variations

The games are also widely available at online casinos, making it easy for you to find a new variation to try. Below we listed some of the most common real money Keno games you can enjoy at gambling sites:

Play Free Keno Games & Test Your Luck

Ready to Play for Real Money?

Playing Online Keno for Real Money

Playing for free can be fun, but you never get to keep your prizes. If you would rather keep what you win, visit our guide to real money online Keno for everything you need to get started.

Online Keno Rules

The game of keno is simple to play. Once you know the rules, you will be ready to get started. The objective of the game is to choose numbers and match them with those that are drawn.

Pick from 1 to 15 numbers between 1 and 80. To pick the numbers, click on them. The more numbers you match during the drawing, the more money you win! It’s that simple. The odds and payouts of the game will change based on how many numbers you play.

Keno Rule Variations

You’re going to run into many rule variations at different online casinos. Let’s look at a few options you may see at real money online casinos.

Standard Keno

Players pick numbers between 1 and 80. The game then “calls” 20 numbers at random.

Bonus Balls

Some games have a bonus ball or number. If you hit that, you’ll get a bonus payout.

40 Ball Keno

Players pick numbers between 1 and 80. The game then “calls” 20 numbers at random.

Online Keno Bets

If you are trying a new online keno game, be sure to read the game rules to understand any variances from traditional keno. Below we listed the different betting types this game offers.

  • Straight Tickets: The basic form of keno where you choose numbers on the ticket for a drawing
  • Way Tickets: They allow players to have more than one active bet per ticket
  • King Number Tickets: This ticket has one or more kings circled on it. The King is used with other numbers to complete a bet.
  • Split Tickets: This bet has two or more groups of numbers that are played on the same ticket
  • Combination Tickets: This is a single ticket that offers a variety of bets
  • Progressive Jackpot Games: This game is connected to a progressive jackpot, and you can win an additional jackpot prize.

Best Keno Strategy

Because keno is a game of chance, there is no way to reduce the house edge. However, there are ways you can apply strategy to your keno gaming. You can bet on numbers that have not been drawn yet, or pick popular numbers that have been drawn several times.

Keno Strategy Based on Numbers Picked

Another option is to get the best odds through the amount of numbers you are choosing. It’s not always ideal to pick the max amount of numbers for a draw. When you choose more numbers, you have to hit more for a minimum payout.

To get the best odds, you need to look at the payouts of the game. They change depending on how many numbers you select for a draw.

This table shows an example of how your odds change depending on how many numbers you pick. The min matches needed for a payout become more and more as you make more selections.

From the table, you can see that your odds are better when selecting 1 number at 1 in 4. The max payout for picking and matching just one number is usually low.

We recommend choosing six, seven, or eight numbers. You’ll still have good odds at a minimum payout but with a chance to win a massive jackpot.

Numbers Selected Min Matches to Win Odds Of Hitting
1 1 1 in 4
2 2 1 in 17
3 2 1 in 8
4 2 1 in 5
5 3 1 in 12
6 3 1 in 8
7 3 1 in 6
8 4 1 in 13
9 4 1 in 9
10 5 1 in 20
Min. matches needed for a payout may vary from game to game.

You’re Ready for Keno Online

Now you know the basic rules and a little strategy when it comes to picking your numbers. When you sign up at an online casino and log in, you’ll find Keno in the specialty games section. Start with low limit games, because the more rounds you play, the better your shot at winning big.

A complete guide to online Keno, that includes rules, strategies, how to play, and the best Keno casinos. Everything you need to play & win online. ]]>