jackpot madness

Jackpot madness

June 21st, 2001

Jackpot Madness (, the Internet�s largest gaming portal, gave away over $400,000 the weekend of June 9-10 to a total of 18 lucky winners. Not an unusual weekend for the busy portal, but three of these big winners have won large jackpots before and returned to triumph on the progressives again. Multiple winners have become more and more common on the 70-casino network, as people are finding that their Jackpot Madness ship can come in more than once, twice and even more�.

Marilyn M, Grandmother of 3 and owner of her own business, never really believed that people ever won in internet casinos, but after winning $15,789.23 on SupaJax at The River Belle back in March, she is a confirmed fan. �Believe you can be a winner! My friends thought that the games on the Internet were fraud, but when I told them I won, they were really surprised and said that they should start playing as well.� So, imagine her reaction when she hit a $123,580.66 jackpot June 9th on Fruit Fiesta at The River Belle, breaking the highest payout record on that progressive: �I feel that I am on a lucky streak and now I have it in my mind to win on all of the progressives! Last time I talked to you, you said that there are people who won more than once. Now that I won twice and I know that this is possible, I know that I can win again. and I will!�

That same weekend, Greek Accountant Chrisoula P. won a third LotsaLoot jackpot of $20,573.50 at King Solomon�s, adding to her two previous wins of $25,166.03 on April 2 and $35,802.35 on May 25th, totaling $81,541.88. �I have always dreamed of going to Jamaica, and now I can. I am also buying a new car!�

Linda W., Systems Analyst, was absolutely thrilled when she won a jackpot of $10,754.70 playing Cash Splash at The River Belle on April 22nd. �I was amazed, I couldn�t believe it was me who had won!� If that amazed her, on June 10 she hit the jackpot again, this time to the tune of $66,631.80.

Since launching Cash Splash in November of 1998, the Microgaming-powered Jackpot Madness progressives have paid out a total of $32,276,821.50 to hundreds of internationally-located winners. One of them, Blake R., has won three times for a total of $272,957.56, and has used his winnings to make major home improvements, help out his mother and 8 siblings and purchase a boat he is calling the �Cash Splash�. Debbie R., a five-time winner, has steadily won a progressive a month for the last 5 months, in a different casino each time, totaling $271,263.24. With this unexpected windfall, she and her family were able �to build the house of our dreams.� Record-breaker Jean G. has won 6 LotsaLoot jackpots totaling $305,163, and even more amazingly, both her mother and her daughter have won substantial LotsaLoot jackpots using Jean�s computer.

Marilyn, Chrisoula, Linda, Jean, Debbie and Blake are just a small sample of the many winners who have gone back to win more than once, and who are determined to win yet again, enriching their lives and the lives of their families. In the words of five-time winner Debbie, �All these wins definitely make life a little easier, it’s not so stressful. It is always nice to be a winner.�

About Jackpot Madness:
Jackpot Madness ( is the world’s number one online jackpot destination. The goal of the portal is to provide jackpot enthusiasts with a single destination offering a wide choice of progressives, featuring frequent payouts and record-breaking jackpots. Jackpot Madness has changed the lives of hundreds of people. Read their �clicks to riches� stories and remember�it happens every day and you could be next! Stay tuned for more heartwarming stories from Jackpot Madness: the center of the jackpot universe!

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Jackpot Madness ( announced this week that lucky Cash Splash player Blake R. has won on the most popular online progressive slot an amazing three times: for more than $80,000 each time! Like many other winners who have won multiple times on the Microgaming-powered progressives, Blake�s wins prove that your Jackpot Madness ship can come in more than once!

A busy single Dad and Troubleshooter for Environmental Operations, Blake won the first time on Cash Splash January 26th, winning a huge $112,611.27 at Captain Cook�s Casino (, one of over 60 casinos that feature Jackpot Madness�s online progressives. Then on the 15th of February, he won an amazing $80,199.26, this time at 7 Sultans ( and then on March 1st, he hit a big Cash Splash Jackpot of $80,147.03 at The River Belle (, another member of the Jackpot Madness family. All told, Blake won an incredible $272,957.56!

In an exclusive interview following his third win, Blake excitedly told us, �I paid all my debts including my entire house mortgage, and I put in a new central air conditioning system. I am also paving a two-car driveway, and a nice sidewalk on my property. I am really happy that I could fix up this little house of mine. I also bought two new Chevy trucks, so now I could get rid of my old Ford truck.
My daughter reminded me the other day that she had never been on an airplane before, so I decided to take her with me to Florida to see my Uncle. He said that he has some business proposal for me there.
The first time I won, I decided to give my brothers and sisters (I have 8 of them) and my mother $1,000 each. I also wrote them a letter saying: �Usually people get money when someone dies, but this is not the case here. I just got some really great fortune and I want to share some of it with people I love. Enjoy this money with love from Blake.� I am a very happy and fortunate guy and life is good!�

When we asked Blake what the secret to his success is, he replied, �I have no idea how this all comes to me but when I read my horoscope on the Internet it all made sense. It said that I am going to have some really great fortune this month, and I really did.
Maybe the good luck comes from a little Star of David that my brother brought me from Mexico. I touch it every morning and say thank you God, and when I come home every evening I touch it again and just thank God again for my health and just being alive. But I have been doing that forever, so I don’t really think that this is what gave me all this luck in such a short time. Anyway, thank you. �

Jackpot madness London. June 21st, 2001 Jackpot Madness (, the Internet�s largest gaming portal, gave away over $400,000 the weekend of June 9-10 to a total of 18 ]]>