how to win the massachusetts numbers game

How to beat the massachusetts numbers game

An application of some basic ideas in probability and statistics


The gambler intent on beating the Massachusetts Numbers Game must cope with a 40% take of the state, gambler’s ruin, and regression to the mean. Preliminary estimates based on the first 851 plays of the lottery and assumptions of stability or linear trend and homoscedasticity (common standard deviation for all numbers) predicted that certain numbers would be profitable. Subsequent experience proved disappointing.

A more elaborate model which assumes (1) that there is no basic shift in bettor preferences but that there is a gradual trend in payoffs and variability of payoffs for the first 720 games and stability thereafter, and (2) that the standard deviation of the payoff is proportional to the mean payoff for various numbers, leads to a new choice of desirable numbers.

This new list is so short that variability and luck are very important in the short run. For the long run income tax rules make it more difficult for the system to be financially profitable.

A final complication is that if the system were good and this became well known, the resulting popularity of the numbers constituting the system would destroy their value.

More details appear in [1].

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The gambler intent on beating the Massachusetts Numbers Game must cope with a 40% take of the state, gambler’s ruin, and regression to the mean. Prel

Numbers Game – Massachusetts Lottery

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How to Play the Massachusetts Numbers Game Lottery

The Massachusetts Lottery’s Numbers Game has draws twice a day (midday and evening). Prize amounts vary depending on the overall number of bets placed and the number of winners for each prize tier.

To play, you must pick 1 to 4 digits, each from 0-9. Then you must select playstyle, a bet amount, a draw schedule (midday or evening), and how many draws you wish to play. You win the jackpot when your combination matches the winning draw numbers in exact order.

When you choose to play 3 or 4 digits, you can choose from the following playstyles:

  • Exact: Your chosen 3 or 4 digits must match the winning numbers in the exact order.
  • Any: You can match the winning numbers in any order. Available for 3 and 4 digit bets.

Massachusetts Numbers Game Drawing Schedule

Numbers Game draws are held twice a day at 12:55 PM and 7:57 PM Eastern Time. Ticket sales close at 12:45 PM for the midday draw and 7:45 PM for the evening draw.

Massachusetts Numbers Game Odds of Winning

The Massachusetts Numbers Game doesn’t have a set prize amount for any prize tiers. Instead, the prize money changes depending on the playstyle you choose, your bet value, the numbers you pick, and the overall ticket sales for each draw.

Everything you need to know about Massachusetts’ Numbers Game lottery – its latest and past results, winning numbers, payouts, odds, and more.