how to predict keno numbers

Keno Tools

These tools analyse and report back on the full 20 balls in each Keno draw. To get started we recommend you try the Number Analysis and Number Generator tools.

Number Generator

Play Keno the easy way by letting our Keno Number Generator make your selection for you.

Number Analysis

Keno Number Analysis shows you what’s hot and what’s not in the Keno pot.

Number Checker

Use Keno Number Checker to verify your prize for different wager amounts and winning matches.

Most Common Pairs

The commonest couples in the game make our Keno Most Common Pairs shortlist.

Numbers Most Drawn

Nice and easy – Keno Numbers Most Drawn shows you which balls have been seen in the draw most often so far.

Most Common Triplets

Pick a 3-ball combination (or more) quickly and easily with Keno Most Common Triplets.

Numbers Last Seen

Keep track of what’s been drawn most recently with our Keno Numbers Last Seen chart.

Skip and Hit Predictions

Focus on the ‘absentee’ numbers with our Keno Skip and Hit Predictions of which balls are due to be drawn.

Number Buddies

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Take a look through our selection of lottery tools to help you investigate past draws and assist you in picking your numbers for all the upcoming draws. ]]>