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Everything is Digital!

Digital advertising is our main focus and search engine marketing our bread and butter. Years of hard work, international experience and countless success stories. Our main approach for helping our clients is that there’s no “silver bullet” solution that would work for everybody. Every client is different, every business is different, capabilities and resources are also different.

Creating Value

Every client has different needs and goals, nonetheless, our goal always stays the same: creating value for our customers. In our daily work we incorporate analytical and creative thinking, transparency, communication, and result-oriented outcomes. Creativity helps us develop new concepts for how to reach certain goals, and analytical thinking helps us to measure every concept we can test.

Size doesn’t matter!

We use our experience to help big or small companies, no matter the size. If you are a small startup that is looking to find some traction in the market, acquire customers, find new channels, test some new ideas or “growth hacks”, we can help you. If you are a big international company that is looking for solutions to optimize it’s ROI in digital marketing, we can help you. We have expertise in variety of services, you just need to decide!

We Love Data!

We love data and we take it very serious. We hate clicks and impressions. Digital advertising enables companies to measure all sorts of metrics that are way more important than just clicks and impressions. We work based on actual value we create; whether it’s e-commerce website where you sell products, customer acquisition, services, app installs, subscriptions, etc. each and every one of these measurements can be expressed in monetary value for your business.

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Good Luck Buddy!

Craig, Jared and Chad say goodbye to Jose.

Synopsis Edit

Craig has a headache. The cure is watching content on! Retro Hunters will be a feature on Jared is disappointed that Destin will be on the first episode. Jared didn’t know that he was filming a Game Genie video for this week. Craig points to the section below the video, and is judged for it by Jared. Craig’s head still hurts.

Hard News Edit

The PlayStation network is back kind of. Craig pulls up a comment where people said it was back up. Chad wanted to log back in to use Netflix, but there was an update, so he decided not to. There were so many people changing their passwords at the same time that it went back down for a little bit, but is back up now. Craig discusses PacAttack. The host was talking about it, and uses a building being taken down by an earthquake as an analogy. Craig reads an insulting message from a commenter.

Modern Warfare 3 got its teaser trailer. Craig is excited to play the game. Everyone complains about how sick of Call of Duty people are, yet they have never even played them, and there are plenty of games that come out every year. A character was omitted from Duke Nukem Forever. He would have had a sidekick – a gay robot. People would have raged.

Duke doesn’t need a sidekick. Jared thinks Duke is a little bit gay. Chad is offended. Chad wants to email Jon St. Jon. There is no middle segment this week.

Newsdesk Edit

Craig’s head still hurts. A g1 made a graphic of where the Newsdesk stories have come from. There are a lot of statistics. Florida has a commanding lead!

In Detroit, Mitchigen, a man dressed in an awful Batman costume was arrested after hanging from the side of a building, with chemicals. He also had weapons. He was trying to actually be Batman – and has Wayne in his name! He was not sent to jail. Chad wants to know what his plans were. The same guy was previously caught dressed as the Crow.

In Houston, Texas, a robbery were $60,000 was stolen. The robber bragged about it on Facebook! Jared jokes about the Houston police liking the post.

In Council Bluffs, Iowa, a lady pulls up for a youth sports event. She was fined $835. The attorney is not remorseful about the parking tickets, as there were several signs available. Chad wants to compare the fine of speeding.

In Spokane Valley, Washington, a pig jumped out of a mini van – and died when a cop shot it! Bryan is dressed as a cop shooting the flying pig. Jared feels like the cop would have celebrated. Jose enters the set.

Forum Questions Edit

Q. What is the weirdest food you’ve eaten?

Jose has eaten lamb head. Craig has eaten pig jaw sausage, and it wasn’t that bad. Jared likes peanut butter, jelly and dorito sandwiches. Jose has also eaten pig skin with corn and seasoning. Craig thinks the name of the food is also the name of a boy band. Chad has eaten jellyfish sushi.

Q. Considering the market of retro consoles from 3rd party companies for retro games, do you think they should also re-sell some of the classic titles brand new like they do for vinyl records?

Jose would not buy it. Craig thinks it is a good idea, but the market is not big enough. They are hipsters!

Q. Have you been in a situation where you want to play video games but couldn’t or it would be inappropriate.

Jose wanted to play Grand Theft Auto while in church. Chad jokes about a wife dying, and the husband presses the SNES power button. If a dog died, Chad thinks about buying Nintendogs. Craig had a Tiger watch that he would play in church.

Q. If Craig was given a million dollars to improve ScrewAttack, what would you do?

He would buy a hot air balloon. Jared and Chad wonder how it would help. Craig wants to sail the balloon around the US, throwing out games for everyone. Never give Craig a million dollars! Everybody gets raises! Jared suggests a new microphone for Jose! Chad suggests to bring Destin back – to fire him!

There is a g1 engagement. Chad wants to propose for a g1. Jared is worried about ruining it! Chad shows the pictures from the g1 birthdays. Next week, the g1s have to play Super Mario World. Jose suggests to have a photo with a black midget kicking a white baby!

Final Segment Edit

Jose is moving on. Jose has been here for four years. Jose started at merchandise, before moving on to Jose’s Puntos, before moving merch on to Chad. Jose’s favorite moment was turning 18 and being able to go to E3. Jose can’t remember people he has met. Chad reminds Jose about running through the snow. Jose hated being yelled at by Ben in the Super Ultra Gamer Clip of the Week.

Jose kept on laughing whenever Destin had to be serious. Ben starts getting angry, which makes it funnier, which pisses off Ben even more! Jared jokes about making his own version of Puntos. Jose spaces out when the rest of the crew are talking about older games. Craig likes making him know nothing. Everyone hugs Jose.

“We’ll miss you Jose. Much love, all of ScrewAttack”

Craig, Jared and Chad say goodbye to Jose. Craig has a headache. The cure is watching content on! Retro Hunters will be a feature on Jared is disappointed that Destin will be on the first episode. Jared didn’t know that he was filming a Game Genie video for this… ]]>