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How to Play Football Bingo, with FREE Cards to get Started!

Hey, football fans! Most of us no longer have teams playing (myself included), but are still looking forward to the Super Bowl coming up soon.

For many people, the Big Game means gathering with family and friends for game watching parties, cheering favorite teams on and enjoying the commercials. And this week I’m sharing a fun activity to add little excitement to your get together!

Everyone loves to play BINGO, so how about a version that involves watching the game for things to happen, so you can mark them off your BINGO card squares?

Wouldn’t this be a fun activity for the kids, or the adults who don’t really like football?

Here are some suggestions for playing BINGO at your party:

First, download the pdf file, and print it out. There are 15 pages, with 2 cards each, so just print as many as you need.

Cut the sheets in half, and grab something to mark the squares, likes pens, crayons or markers.

Before kick-off, give each person a bingo card and their markers.

Explain the rules:

  1. Watch the football game for the plays or events that are on your card.
  2. When one of those things happens, mark off the square.
  3. The first person to mark 5 squares in a line (across, up and down, or diagonally), yells “BINGO” and is the winner.

Just in case you want to play BINGO without actually watching a game, I’m attaching a list of all the terms for someone to call, just like regular BINGO:

Let me know if you play BINGO, and how your group enjoyed the game!

What's better than playing Football BINGO during the Big Game? How about 30 free cards to download and print at home!

Super Bowl Bingo

Free printable bingo card sheets to use during the big game!

How to Play Super Bowl Bingo

Super Bowl Bingo is a fun way to get everybody involved while watching the big game. To play, simply print out our free bingo cards and hand them out before the game. Once the game begins, pay attention to the events listed on your bingo card. After an event occurs you cross out that square, and if you’re the first to cross out all consecutive squares (either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) you win!

Super Bowl Bingo is traditionally played on a 5×5 card with a combination of events ranging from plays and penalties, to commercials, crowd interaction, and more. If you want to customize your cards to play on a 7×7 grid or include only certain events you can use our custom card generator!

Download Our Free Super Bowl 2020 Bingo Cards

Feel free to print as many of our pre-made Super Bowl 2020 Bingo cards as you like. Each packet consists of five cards with events scrambled in different orders to make them unique. If our pre-made cards don’t fit your exact needs you can use our Super Bowl Bingo card generator to customize your own cards!

Printable Super Bowl Bingo Cards 2020

5×5 Card – All Events

Your traditional 5×5 bingo card with all event types included (Plays, Scores, Commercials, Misc.)

5×5 Card – Plays & Scores

Your traditional 5×5 bingo card with only Plays and Scores event types included.

5×5 Card – Commercials

Your traditional 5×5 bingo card with only Commercial event types included.

7×7 Card – All Events

7×7 bingo card meant for longer play which includes all event types (Plays, Scores, Commercials, Misc.)

7×7 Card – Plays & Scores

7×7 bingo card meant for longer play which includes only Plays and Scores event types.

3×3 Card – Commercials

3×3 bingo card meant for shorter play which includes only Commercial event types.

Use our Super Bowl Bingo card generator to make your own!

Choose from various options below to customize the format, events, and appearance of your Super Bowl 2020 Bingo cards. Once you’re finished, our custom card generator will create three cards tailored to your specific settings and email them to you for use during the big game!

Free Super Bowl Bingo cards 2020 printable sheets. Download our free templates or use our Super Bowl Bingo card generator to customize your own!