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Florida Pick 3 Evening News and Payout for Sunday, July 31st, 2016

There were 1537 winning tickets share a total of $153,135 prizes in Sunday, July 31st, 2016’s drawing for Cash 3 Evening lottery. In the past year, the winning tickets sold in one Florida Cash 3 Evening drawing ranged from 623 to 8,081, with an average of 2,121 winning tickets sold.These winning tickets won a minimum of $74,550 to max $2,994,465. The average total prize payout in one drawing was $285,866.

Cash 3 Evening drawings are held 7 days a week around 1:30 pm ET. To play Florida Cash 3 Evening game, go to any Florida lottery retailer, use a Florida Cash 3 Evening playcard. Choose three digit numbers in each game panel you want to play. In each game played, choose a play type from one of these below:

  • Straight
  • Box
  • Straight/Box
  • 1-Off
  • Front Pair
  • Back Pair
  • Combo
To understand the bet types, you can ask the retailer for a Florida Cash 3 Evening brochure where detailed instructions of bet types can be found. Use only blue or black pen or pencil for marking with heavy vertical marks. If you can’t think of the numbers to play, you can just mark the Quick Pick option to have numbers picked for you randomly. After you are done, pass the marked playcard to the clerk for processing.

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Florida Cash 3

When you’re thinking about playing Florida Cash 3 for the first time, consider some different strategies. There are many ways you can play the game, but not everyone who plays will win. Some who play more often than others, however, will find that they’re winning a far greater deal of the time because of the strategies they employ. If you begin to think of some, you too could be taking home millions of dollars!

About the Game

Florida Cash 3 is one of the many exciting on-line lottery games that Florida Lottery has to offer. And boy, are they popular games! Florida Lottery tells us that $1.28 billion of the money that they’ve collected since the on-line games began has gone to schools since the program started. That’s 5% of the state’s budget for education right there, and that comes mainly from people just like you who spend only $1 for some fun and a chance to take home millions of dollars.

Florida Cash 3 drawings are held each day with a live feed at 1:30 PM (EST), and again at 7:57 PM (EST). The game employs three ball machines, and the balls are numbered 1 to 9. Three balls are drawn from the different machines, and the lucky winner who matches three of the numbers, regardless of order or depending on order, whichever option was chosen when the ticket was bought, can win up to $500.

Beginning in August 2010, Florida Cash 3 started a 1-OFF selection, which enabled players to select 26 new combinations of their number going one-up or one-down. If you’re number matches, then you will win $250. If you get the 1-OFF number playing this way, you can get $10. That’s pretty good off of only a $1 or 50-cent ticket.

Florida Cash 3 How to Play

When you play Florida Cash 3 you need to select only three numbers. These numbers can be any number you want between 0 and 9. When you select your numbers, remember a few things.

  • Strategy: There are many different ways to win this seemingly simple game. People have won millions by using strategy as their ally.
  • Creativity: When you play Florida Cash 3, you want to be creative with your numbers, especially if you’re playing multiple tickets. The last thing you want to do is play the same three numbers. If you play Florida Cash 3, you have a very good chance of winning regardless of the order of your number selections.

More about Florida Cash 3

Many players of Florida Cash 3 discuss their winning strategies on-line or with friends. One of the exciting options they often talk about is the Box Choice.

  • The Box Option: This option means that the three numbers that you choose can be in just about any order. So if the winning number that day was 578, that means if you played 875, you would win. The reason is that the numbers were all the same. See, it doesn’t matter where you have the numbers in the box, so long as you have the numbers.
  • The Straight Option: This option is good if you like things to be in order. When you play this game all three of your winning numbers must be in the same order as they were drawn. For instance, if 578 were the winning three numbers, and you had selected 875, you would unfortunately not win. While they have the same numbers as the box option, they are just not in the same order, so you would have a losing ticket on your hands.
  • Straight/Box Option: This choice is a combination of the box option and the straight option. This option means that you will often get half of the winning amount. Let’s take our previous example. If the winning number is 578 and you had chosen 875, you would be a winner because you have the box. In this case, though, the winning amount will be half of the normal amount paid for a regular box choice.
  • Odds Option: The odds when playing Florida Cash 3 are 333 to 1. You can improve these odds drastically if you buy a 50-cent box ticket. This is when a number wins when it’s drawn in a sequence. This will allow you to not select any number that may repeat itself. That means if you’re playing 578, you don’t need to play 875. You can really cut your play price in half when you do that.
  • Money Option: Try to play the money system if you’re not worrying about buying a lot of tickets. If you spend $18 to buy 36 tickets, and then you win, your cash winnings will be $40. That will give you a handsome $22 profit. If you sadly lose, you can play the same tickets the very next day, but this time just buy two of each of the tickets. That will bring your total cost to $54 for the two days, but if you now win, you’ll take home $80, which is a profit of $26. If you still lose, do the same the next day, but this time only buy for of each of the tickets. You may not think this is a good strategy, but many who have stuck out the arduous losing streak have profited handsomely in the end.
When it comes to playing Florida Cash 3 you need to select the right strategy that’s going to work for you. Think about how you want to play the game, how much you want to spend, and how much you think you could really profit if you took Florida Cash 3 seriously. You could be the next lucky jackpot winner today if you continue to play this wondrous game!

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Pick 3 Evening Numbers

Here are the latest Pick 3 Evening numbers for the last seven draws. The most recent results are posted after the draw takes place at 9:45 PM ET every night, so check every time you play to see if you’re a Florida Lottery winner!

You can also check the Pick 3 Midday numbers to see results of the afternoon draw, which is held seven days a week at 1:30 PM ET.

Pick 3 is the Florida draw game with a $500 top prize and a choice of play styles and wager amounts. With 1-OFF, you can even win a cash prize for being almost right! Get more information on the Pick 3 page.

To view an archive of older results back to April 2010, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “View Past Winning Numbers”.

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