do fortune cookies expire

Where to check fortune cookies’ expiration date?

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So if the cookies are expired, does that mean the fortunes they tell are expired as well? (won’t ever come true)

the expiration date of fortune cookies isn’t printed on the the individual cookie. you need to check the packaging of the entire batch – fortune cookies are bought by bulk, like a bag or canister.

They expire after 3 days

It is probably written inside of a piece of paper found in the cookie itself.

“To you who break open this cookie: your fortune for today is,

refrain from eating this piece of junkie if you wish to live another day. “

Where to check fortune cookies' expiration date?

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Q. Do my fortune cookies come individually wrapped?

A. Yes, they do! All cookies will arrive at your door as fresh as fresh can be. That’s because we bake your order fresh, then seal in the freshness by individually wrapping each cookie. It also adds extra cushioning to protect your order during shipping (See: Won’t my cookies break during shipping? ) [Top]

Q. How fast can I get my custom fortune cookies?

A. On average, the total processing time is approximately 7 business days from the time we receive your signed approval form (plus shipping time).

Orders are processed
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Q. What different flavors do you have?

A. Original flavor. plus these ten different deliciously fun flavors. Luscious Lemon™, Passion Fruit Punch™, True Blue Blueberry™, Very Berry Raspberry™, Outrageous Orange™, Toasted Coconut™, Wild Cherry™, Minty Mint™, Cool Cappucino™, Double Chocolate™, and Spam™ flavored. just kidding.[Top]

Q. How many different flavors can I get?

A. While we specialize in making near miracles happen for you, there are some limitations. Orders containing multiple flavors or other special requests need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and approved by our Production Manager. Because of the equipment used and the variance in the number of orders in house at any one time, certain orders will require advance approval. Call 888.776.6611 for details. [Top]

Q. How long can my custom sayings be?

A. Each message MUST be 22 words or less. Three lines maximum. Double-sided fortunes are available for an additional $40 per order. [Top]

Q. How many custom messages can I get?

A. Each customer gets five custom sayings per order. Additional sayings–up to 10, total–can be added for $5 each. Need a few more? Call us and we’ll work with you. [Top]

Q. Can I get a custom wrapper?

A. Yes. Custom wrappers are our specialty. Call us for details. [Top]

Q. How long will your fortune cookies stay fresh?

A. That’s an important question. A fortune cookie, is a fortune cookie, is a fortune cookie. At least when it comes to shelf life. They are considered a non-perishable food & although some fortune cookie companies claim their cookies will stay fresh for 6 or 8 months, I say you should.

Plan on using them up in 3 months or less! I guess I could say longer, but I want my gourmet special flavors to be used and enjoyed while still at the peak of crunchiness. To maximize their tastiness, fortune cookies should always be stored in a cool, DRY place. They should not be exposed to humidity and/or temperatures over 78 degrees. [Top]

Q. What makes Fancy Fortune Cookies different from other fortune cookie companies?

A. Incredible yummy flavor. Fancy Fortune Cookies® are just not colored, but deliciously flavored through and through. Truly developed for the gourmet taste bud and smart shopper. Not just a cookie, but an “oriental experience.”

Your order is shipped the same day they are baked. So you never have to worry about stale or rubbery cookies. [Top]

Q. Are all fortune cookies the same and why shouldn’t I use the cheapest company?

A. No! All fortune cookie companies are not the same. Just like when you are buying gourmet chocolates or fine wine — you get what you pay for. Compare these 17 special points before you make up your mind. [Top]

Q. What is the minimum amount of fortune cookies I can order with my own custom message or image inside?

A. 50 fortune cookies is the smallest amount we make at a time. [Top]

Q. Can I get my logo put on our fortunes?

A. Absolutely! Logos are $50.00 extra and you must supply us with good black and white camera ready art or a disk. [Top]

Q. Can I get my custom sayings done in other languages?

A. Yes! You’ll simply send us camera ready copy or artwork in the format needed. If there are no special symbols, no camera ready art is necessary. [Top]

Custom fortune cookies can be a bit tricky if you have never ordered them before, has compiled all our Frequently Asked Questions into a simple to use fortune cookie guide.