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I participated in this sponsored campaign for the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery. I received compensation to facilitate my post, but all opinions stated are my own. #GiveInstantJoy

Finding gifts for everyone to enjoy can be down right overwhelming to me. I have found something that’s made this gift giving tradition a little easier and fun for everyone. This holiday season, consider incorporating Arkansas Scholarship Lottery scratch off cards into your gift giving mix.

How do you do that? The options are endless, but for starters, I’ve compiled a list of my 10 Easy and Fun Ways to Use Lottery Tickets This Holiday Season. You know, for those instances when you need a little somethin’ somethin’ to add to what you have already wrapped or you want to share a holiday happy with someone who makes your life better?

1. For the Friend Who has Everything

We all have that one friend who seems to have everything. This adorable Lucky Girl mug I spotted at the Paul Michael Company is the perfect match for a few lottery tickets that will have any bestie feeling lucky.

2. Stocking Stuffers

Stockings can get full, but there’s always room to slide some scratch off lottery tickets in there with all those necessities Santa has noticed you’ve needed like socks, underwear, multiple iPhone charging cords, and statement necklaces.

3. Holiday Party Hostess Gift

Heading to the party with a bottle of wine is a no brainer. But a bottle of wine dressed up with a fancy ribbon with the addition of lottery tickets is just as easy and fun. And it’s kinda classy. I use this particular gift throughout the year.

4. Neighbor Gift

My neighbors are the best. Whether they are returning my dog who races down the road to her dog friend’s house or generously letting me borrow a cup of wine (umm..I mean…) flour, they always have a smile. I like to let them know how lucky I am to have them as neighbors with a door knob hanging treat box filled with goodies and lottery tickets.

5. Table Setting Name Card

A formal table setting doesn’t need to be stuffy. Add a scratch off lottery ticket to each guest’s table setting.

6. Holiday Gift Tag Bonus

I add a topper to my wrapped gifts. Topping a gift with a scratch off lottery card is simple. It’s entertaining to watch friends and family scratch off their card. It’s, even more, fun when they win.

7. Countdown to Christmas Calendar

I created a 25 Lotto Days to Christmas Countdown Calendar that my family looks forward to every day. Don’t worry; there’s still time for you to create a 10 or 5 Day Countdown for your family or even your office. You can catch me daily on Periscope scratching off a lottery ticket until Christmas day. The money we win will go to a worthy cause at the end. So far we’ve won $5.

8. Elf Activity

That elf of ours is always curious, and we have found him on several mornings with a scratch off card. Look at the lengths Elfie goes to set a scene. He may have hot glued a nickel to his felty, little hand.

9. Santa’s Cookies and Scratch Off Lottery Tickets

Santa appreciates the cookies and milk, but he also enjoys you sharing a lottery scratch off with him. He’ll even leave the winnings with you because he’s cool like that.

10. Ornament Exhange

I love an ornament exchange. I recently participated in the Arkansas Women Bloggers handmade ornament exchange and sent the recipient my original, handpainted canvas ornament with a lottery ticket attached as a little extra happy. She may scratch it off when she receives it or place it on the tree and scratch it off on Christmas Day. (I’d scratch mine off immediately.)

You can tell I like to use scratch off lottery tickets in a variety of ways. These Arkansas Scholarship Lottery tickets not only add an element of fun, surprise and the possibility of winning some cash but more importantly, they help Arkansas students attend college.

  • More than 92 cents of every dollar of Arkansas Scholarship Lottery revenue goes to prizes, scholarships, retailer commissions and other expenses in the state.
  • Since Lottery sales started in 2009, the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery has helped provide nearly $700 million for scholarships to Arkansas students at 51 colleges and universities across the state.
  • More than 235,000 students have been awarded an Academic Challenge Scholarship.
  • Players have won nearly $2 billion in prizes and Lottery retailers have earned more than $178 million in commissions.

Let me know if you’ve used lottery scratch cards as gifts down in the comments. What are some creative ways you’ve used scratch off lottery cards in your gift giving? Can’t wait to read your comments. Also, please feel free to share this with your friends.

10 easy and fun ways to use scratch off lottery tickets this holiday season #GiveInstantJoy @deltamoxie

Delta Moxie I participated in this sponsored campaign for the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery. I received compensation to facilitate my post, but all opinions stated are my own. #GiveInstantJoy

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Dirty Santa + Lottery Tickets = The Perfect Gift

Dirty Santa Lottery Tickets make The Perfect Gift! Thank you to the Arkansas Lottery for sponsoring this post.

Have you ever played Dirty Santa? If not…I’ll provide the rules in just a bit. If you have, then you know it’s a ton of fun! I’ve come up with some hilarious ways to fake a person out with a little surprise inside. It’s the gift that can literally keep on giving. Dirty Santa + Lottery Tickets = The Perfect Gift. Lottery tickets work great for any dollar amount set. I’ve also got you covered with free printable gift tags to go along with each idea.

Day 2… Dirty Santa + Lottery Tickets = The Perfect Gift

We all struggle to find something just right for everyone but with this game, it doesn’t even matter.

One of my favorite ways to play around the Christmas holiday is Dirty Santa. You can give gifts that are really silly and no one cares. That’s the fun of it all. The sillier, the better. Like, take for instance a roll of toilet paper. Can you imagine someone unwrapping a roll of toilet paper. I’m literally LOL!

Now, a roll of toilet paper only cost pennies but if you wrap some lottery tickets up in the paper it could be worth much more.

Any lotto tickets will work with this gift tag but these $2 Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Scratch Off Tickets that say Big Deal are even better. Perfect for a $2, $10, or $20 Dirty Santa gift amount. Hide the tickets inside. This gift might not be a load of crap after all.

You got an empty box of tissue paper or maybe one half used? Yep, opening a half used box of tissue paper would kind of suck. Again I’m LOL!

This idea could end up being way better than tissues. Use some painters tape to connect the lottery tickets end to end from the back and finish up with the pull gift tag. Fold the tickets accordion style then insert into the box.

Add the gift tag “Don’t Blow It All In One Place” to complete this Dirty Santa gift idea. Either attach to the present, attach to the box before you wrap, or attach to the bottom of the accordion style tickets. You decide.

This next idea had me seriously laughing out loud. It’ll take a little bit of time to prepare but so worth it. I got it done while watching TV.

Wouldn’t you just love a ball of yarn. Not really! LOL! This one works great with a stack of $1 lotto tickets. Say like a $10 or $20 limit. You need the tickets to be solid when wrapping them in yarn. Just sit back with your favorite show and wrap that yarn into a ball around the tickets.

The winner of this Dirty Santa gift will be in for a treat! It’s the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving. Have fun with pulling that string!

I kinda love this idea even more. It’s one of those things you can hang on the door. This lottery ticket wreath needs 20 $1 tickets at least. There’s 20 ways to win and even chances to play again. Pick your jaw up off the floor and grab some tickets at the store. ( I know that all just rhymed. I can’t help myself! That’s a little clue to the next Arkansas Scholarship Lottery post I have coming your way.)

This idea is so easy. Purchase a wreath container for wrapping. Take a little painters tape and attach the lotto tickets to each other and form the shape of a wreath. Place your lotto ticket wreath into the wreath container and wrap. I can totally picture my husband opening this gift. I know I would LOVE an extra wreath container but it wouldn’t be on my husband’s Christmas wish list. That’s the Dirty Santa part. He would however, love the lottery tickets inside.

A couple of other wrapping ideas…You can carefully wrap it like a donut or use a garment box. You know the box. It’s the one’s you can purchase by the stack or the stores give you with the purchase of clothes at Christmas time.

Last but not least, It’s The Perfect Dirty Santa Gift with no tomfoolery. It’s the easiest one of all.

Pick up a free envelope while supplies last and grab some Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Scratch Off Tickets to match your Dirty Santa Gift Exchange dollar amount. Place the lotto tickets in the envelope and you are done. It’s the gift that keeps on giving and you’re #givinginstantjoy.

These Dirty Santa Gifts are a breeze! Now onto the free printable gift tags to go along with each gift. I’ve put all of them on 2 sheets and listed each one individually with Christmas gift tags for any gift. You can also find some tags with To: and From:. You choose which ones to print.

The best Dirty Santa gift ideas, free printable gift tags, and free printable Dirty Santa Rules. Dirty Santa + Lottery Tickets = The Perfect Gift.