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CM 7.01 Call Pickup Feature cannot pick up call from Phone part of a Coverage Answer Group

Doc ID: SOLN312298
Version: 2.0
Status: Published
Published date: 10 Jul 2017
Updated: 03 Dec 2018


After upgrade from CM6.3 to CM7.0.1 members of a pickup group cannot pickup calls ringing on phones that receive calls via a Cover Answer Group. Only phones in the Coverage Answer Group can answer the call.

Bridged-appr not ringing after upgrading CM from 6.3 to 7.1.3

Problem Clarification

Calls presented to Coverage Answer Group cannot be picked up by a Phone in the same Call Pickup Group

Call Flow: Calls come to Extension 1200-> follows coverage Path 10 . Coverage Path 10 sends calls to Coverage Answer Group 12.

Coverage Answer Group 12 Extensions (1234, 1235, 1237, 1238)

Call Pickup Group 14 (1300, 1301, 1234,123, 1237, 1238)

Results of call flow: All Phones in Coverage Answer Group 12 can answer, but the Call Pickup Group 14 cannot pull the call.


Design intent- new configuration change in AACC 7

Enhanced interaction between Coverage Answer Group and Call Pickup Group


**Set Call Pickup for Call to Coverage Answer Group=>y**

display system-parameters features Page 19 of 19
Direct IP-IP Audio Connections? y IP Audio Hairpinning? n
Synchronization over IP? y
Initial INVITE with SDP for secure calls? n
SIP Endpoint Managed Transfer? n
Expand ISDN Numbers to International for 1XCES? n

Maximum Number of Digits for Directed Group Call Pickup: 4
Call Pickup on Intercom Calls? y Call Pickup Alerting? y
Temporary Bridged Appearance on Call Pickup? n Directed Call Pickup? n
Extended Group Call Pickup: none
Enhanced Call Pickup Alerting? n

Call Pickup for Call to Coverage Answer Group? n —-> change to y
Display Information With Bridged Call? n
Keep Bridged Information on Multiline Displays During Calls? n
PIN Checking for Private Calls? n

CM 7.01 Call Pickup Feature cannot pick up call from Phone part of a Coverage Answer Group Doc ID: SOLN312298 Version: 2.0 Status: Published Published date: 10

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