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Mytopia launches new version of Bingo Island on Facebook

Mytopia has announced the launch of a completely new version of Bingo Island on Facebook. The updated game has been given a visual makeover, including a “vibrant color scheme,” and new tropical-themed Bingo rooms that capture the ‘island’ feel of the game. Although the game looks different, players will still have access to the same multi-card Bingo gameplay they’ve come to know and love from the original experience.

In Bingo Island, users can play up to 20 cards per game, and can daub called numbers manually, or let the game daub their numbers automatically. Unlike traditional Bingo, however, Bingo Island combines Bingo with slot machines, as a slot machine is available on the right side of the screen, right next to the player’s Bingo cards. This slot machine gives players something to experience when they’re waiting for the game to call new numbers.

As players continue to play Bingo Island, they earn experience points which unlock new Bingo rooms for future play. The game’s social elements see users sending gifts to friends, or chatting in real time with the other players in each room.

“Over the past few years, Bingo Island has become one of the most popular and innovative social gaming experiences on Facebook. The Bingo Island community is unlike any other; players rely on one another both inside and outside of the game,” says Mytopia.

These changes to the Facebook version, which includes the launch of new characters within the experience, have been made in preparation for the game’s launch on mobile. Bingo Island will launch soon on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Bingo Island is available to play for free on Facebook. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.

Mytopia launches new version of Bingo Island on Facebook Mytopia has announced the launch of a completely new version of Bingo Island on Facebook. The updated game has been given a visual

Bingo island game

Using Chat Leap’s platform and technology, Mytopia used a Facebook Messenger bot to increase players’ retention and engagement with their game “Bingo Island”. Users became highly engaged with the bot and clicked back to play the game from within the bot on a daily basis.

CTR – ratio of messages sent that resulted in a click back the game

Retention Rate – Users that are actively engaged with the bot over time

Users initiated conversations with the bot at the following days

Their Story

Mytopia was looking for a new channel of user engagement for their Bingo Island app’s audience, after realizing the low performance on traditional channels is something that cannot be improved. They found Chat Leap – a Marketing Automation solution for Instant Messaging. Among many benefits of Chat Leap’s platform, they found an end-to-end solution for Games apps which allows the creation, maintenance and analysis of a Messenger Bot as a retention channel.

Their Goal

Mytopia saw many levels of success using this channel. They managed to take users who played only on canvas to begin playing with their mobile app, after being able to target them on mobile for the first time. They saw many users that are expressing appreciation, greeting and even saying “goodbye” to the bot, showing how much it was warmly welcomed by users. Another nice metric they like to check out from time to time, is how much appreciative are users towards the bot: 11% Express Appreciation – Users that say “Thanks”, “thank you”, and other appreciation-like expressions. Mytopia is now in process of integrating their CRM to Chat Leap’s platform, to allow better segmentation and delivery of ROI, increase ARPU and DAU metrics. They’re also working on a bot for their newly released game – “Bingo Island Saga” – already available on iOS and Android.

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