biggest price is right winner ever

A Collection Of The Price Is Right’s Biggest Winners And Moments!

During this episode A young contestant was playing the Clock Game, where you have to guess the price of an item and you are told higher or lower depending on your answer. There is 30 seconds on the clock and two items that she needs to guess the price of. During this episode however, there was a little extra incentive. Guess both prices within 10 seconds and win $1 million! Well…let’s just say this #girl was on her ‘A’ game!

Showcase Winner!

It doesn’t get much closer than this!

One of the biggest winners!

Pastor bids $1 million…and ends up winning!

The perfect putt!

A perfect hand with Bob Barker!

One of the luckiest contestants ever!

Oh…and then there is the time Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad taught a contestant how to get on TPIR and it worked!

Here are some of the best forgotten moments from the Price Is Right game show!

‘Price is Right’ contestant from New Jersey makes history

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The price isn’t just right — it’s record-breaking.

Lucky “The Price Is Right” contestant Mike Stouber broke the long-running daytime show’s record for biggest earnings on Monday when he won close to $263,000 in cash and prizes.

“It’s been wild,” says the 29-year-old Freehold, NJ, resident, describing the feeling as “surreal.”

The show, which has been airing for 63 years, has never seen a win this big during its daytime series. However, during a prime-time special, “The Price is Right $1,000,000 Spectacular,” California teacher Adam Rose raked in $1,153,908 in cash and prizes in 2008.

Stouber got the majority of his winnings in the show’s iconic “Plinko” pricing game, but he was barely able to process how much he’d won before leaving.

“Throughout the whole show, you’re up there and everything’s moving so fast, you don’t even have a second to realize what’s going on,” he tells The Post. “I guess once we left there and got back to our hotel room, it settled in that that just happened.”

Michael Stouber took home $262,742.97 Price is Right

Stouber is a longtime fan of the show and used to watch it with his grandmother before she died.

“I definitely have watched the show for as long as I can remember,” he says. His wife “never really watched the show,” and so her shock was even bigger when he won. “I don’t think she exactly knew what was going on until it was like, oh my God, he just won all this money,” he says.

The couple had to keep their winnings a secret for a little over a month, having filmed back in early September. When the show aired on Monday, they took off from work and held a watch party with friends. “We weren’t allowed to tell anyone so for them, it was a huge shock,” he says of his party guests. By the end, “They were like, ‘You’re going down in the record books!’”

He’s still unsure exactly how much of those winnings he’ll get to take home, as a significant chunk will go to Uncle Sam.

'The Price is Right' has been on air since 1956 and hasn't seen a win this big in it's entire history. The winner, Mike Stouber, speaks The Post.