auto lottery processor

Auto lottery processor

Legal Disclaimer: Most of Richard’s Lotto Processor customers will not win the lottery, and you should not expect to win the lottery by purchasing Richard’s Lotto Processor or following the program. These testimonials do not reflect the typical user’s experience. This website and the Richard’s Lotto Processor product are for informational and entertainment purposes only and do not constitute investing advice. Please play the lottery responsibly and seek help if you have a gambling problem.

Auto lottery processor Legal Disclaimer: Most of Richard’s Lotto Processor customers will not win the lottery, and you should not expect to win the lottery by purchasing Richard’s Lotto

Auto Lotto Processor Scam: Lustig’s Back With More Crap

Richard Lustig (a.k.a. “The Lotto Professor”) is at it again. This is a man who has made a career out of convincing people to buy into his nonsensical software and bogus guides in the hope of increasing their chances of winning the lotto.

Today we’re going to look at the Auto Lotto Processor – just the latest in his long line of so-called ‘lotto-busting’ systems.

I am NOT affiliated with Auto Lotto Processor. In fact, rather than associate myself or profit in any way from Richard’s scams, I plan to expose each and every one of them.

  • I Really Can’t Stand Hype
  • What On Earth Are You Paying $97 For?
  • Beware Lustig’s Long Line Of Lotto Scams
  • Auto Lotto Processor Final Rating: 0/100
Auto Lotto Processor Review $97

Product Name: Auto Lotto Processor

Quick Summary:

The Auto Lotto Processor has all the secrets, strategies and methods you need to win the lotto. The revolutionary new software gives you the best possible number combinations to increase your winning odds.

At least according to the sales page.

Now it’s not like Richard has ever tried pulling the wool over our eyes before… or has he? Yep, he has – multiple times! Every year or so this guy brings back the same old garbage theories and illogical mathematics, sticks a new name on it and tries flogging it to the masses.

He must need the money or something?

Inside the Auto Lotto Processor you’ll find a basic software program that’s supposed to analyse past results to generate the set of numbers you need to maximise your chances of ‘winning it big’.

The truth is, no matter how eleborate his theories, good old common sense and the basic rules of probability tell us the lotto is a game of chance.

If you’re expecting to ‘invest’ your money to learn Richard’s winning formula and hit the jackpot then I’m sorry but this just isn’t going to happen. All you’ll do is place your hard-earned cash into this deceitful scammer’s pockets and be $97 worse off.

I really have nothing good to say about Richard Lustig or Auto Lotto Processor. Read the rest of this review and you’ll see why.

I Really Can’t Stand Hype

Try searching the web for real ways to make money online and you’ll find a ton of scam artists trying to sell you their hyped-up “super-duper, ultra-secret software” that gives you a false sense of hope but almost always leaves you bitterly disappointed.

Watch Richard’s sales video and he’ll tell you 1,000’s of people have become millionaires within weeks of following his winning formula. You’ll see picture after picture of apparent lottery winners holding huge cheques.

Scroll down below the video and you’ll see statements like:

  • “Double your chances!”
  • “In the last 6 months we’ve had multiple winners.”
  • “Everyone who has stuck to my method has been very happy with the results.”

Seriously? Everyone who has bought your Auto Lotto Processor has been happy with the results?!

Then why is it your legal disclaimer (found at the bottom of the exact same sales page) completely contradicts everything else you’ve told us?

Check it out for yourself and you’ll see it tells a very different story:

And if you needed further confirmation Richard’s trying to flog you useless and worthless software, check out these complaints on

There you have it. We’ve now pushed past the hype and blatant deception to get to the truth. This crappy software does nothing to push the odds in your favour.

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What On Earth Are You Paying $97 For?

Essentially you’re paying for a 30 page PDF file complete with ‘secret chapters’ and a random number generator.

Inside the member’s area, you’ll find links to past results of state lottery games and a ‘Smart Pick Combos’ page with a whole list of possible numbers you can play.

These numbers are supposedly generated by some kind of sophisticated algorithm that takes into account the last time a specific number was drawn.

The only problem is the entire software is built around the false notion that lottery balls have some kind of built-in memory. That is, the chances of them coming out this week are lower if they came out the week before.

This is pure lunacy.

When flipping a coin, everyone knows you have a 50% chance of hitting heads and a 50% chance of hitting tails. Even if you hit heads 3 times in a row, on the 4th time your chances of getting heads is STILL 50%.

Because the coin has no memory and neither do lotto balls!

It’s nice to see Business Insider agree with me on this one in their article Don’t Take Lottery Tips From This Guru where the author writes:

“Lustig’s “system” that he “developed over the years” is to always play the same numbers, then stop playing them if he wins, because the same numbers never win twice. That’s pretty much it – and it’s wrong.

The odds of any set of random numbers coming up again are the same as they were the first time. That’s why they call them random.”

So you see, when Richard says things like you should never play a previously winning set of numbers because they’ll never show up twice, or you should never change your numbers until you win, he hasn’t the foggiest idea what he’s talking about. Either that or, as I strongly suspect, he’s being deliberately deceptive.

The reality is you have the same chances of hitting the jackpot with or without his crappy Auto Lotto Processor software.

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Beware Lustig’s Long Line Of Lotto Scams

As I alluded to at the beginning of this review, Auto Lotto Processor isn’t Richard’s first scam and probably won’t be the last…

Here on The Make Money Online Blog, we’ve exposed a few of his lotto scams, including:

Just take a look at these websites and you’ll see that in each case the headings, layouts and promo videos are all pretty much identical:

Each and every time you get the same empty claims, the same worthless software and the same old rehashed PDFs full of illogical nonsense.

Auto Lotto Processor Final Rating: 0/100

Auto Lotto Processor is designed to exploit your dream of winning life-changing amounts of money and deceive you into thinking there’s some kind of computer program out there that will help you beat the system.

Don’t fall for it!

Maybe you play the lottery for a bit of fun in the knowledge that your chances of actually winning are extraordinarily slim. I totally get that.

The idea of possibly winning (no matter how minuscule the odds) is enough to keep most people playing week after week. For me though, I just can’t leave things to chance especially when it comes to something as important as your financial future.

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Agree Or Disagree? Talk To Me!

Now you’ve read this review in full, what do you think about this so-called lotto-busting software? Is it worth handing over $97 now you know it does nothing, zilch, nada to increase your winning odds?

Have you ever been lured into scams like this by fake promises of fast and easy money? Is there a program or product out there you think we should review? Let us know in the comments. Stay safe out there!

Simon Crowe is the founder of The Make Money Online Blog and is on a mission to help as many people as possible kiss their bosses goodbye.

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The Auto Lotto Processor Scam Makes You Think You Can Double Your Odds Of Winning The Lotto. Read This Review To See Why Richard Lustig Is NOT Be Trusted. ]]>